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Published on April 21st, 2020 📆 | 8481 Views ⚑


Facebook Fundraisers Introduced in India Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Facebook has introduced its Fundraisers feature in India to help non-profit organisations raise money. This feature was previously available in the US and Europe, and now it has been made available in India as well. Facebook charges no fees for raising funds for a non-profit. In other countries, it has made possible to raise personal funds as well, but that option hasn’t been activated in India as of yet. Facebook has listed several non-profit organisations like HelpAge India, GiveIndia, Goonj, Cuddles Foundation, Literacy India, and more. This new feature comes at a time when the country is struggling to curb the spread of coronavirus in the country.

The new Fundraisers feature allows Facebook users to help raise donations and because this feature is public, anyone on Facebook can donate to the cause. Money raised for a non-profit will be paid directly to the organisation and not the person who created the fundraiser. The funds are sent directly from Facebook, or from Network for Good, or from PayPal Giving Fund.

As mentioned, the social giant says that it charges no fees for donations raised for charitable organisations. To start a fundraiser, head to the dedicated Fundraisers page on Facebook, and click on the ‘Select Non-Profit’ button. Choose from a list of verified organisations available and mention the amount of money you want to raise. You also have to mention when the fundraiser has to end, choose an appropriate fundraiser title, and the reason why you are raising money for the company. Additionally, the user has to add a cover photo for the fundraiser, and Facebook offers a suggested photo for ease.

The social giant notes ‘charities in India will not be able to view transaction reports on Facebook, but will receive them by email three weeks after their donation.’ Furthermore, donor information for charities is currently unavailable in India.

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