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Facial recognition technology used to arrest man accused of attempted rape on NYC subway platform

The New York Police Department arrested a man accused of attempting to rape a woman on a subway platform with the help of facial recognition technology.

Jose Reyes, 31, of New York City, was arrested for the alleged attack on Sunday afternoon. Police said the brazen attack happened Saturday morning on a subway platform in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Witnesses said that Reyes pushed the woman to the ground in an attempt to rape her but ended up leaving when bystanders intervened.

The NYPD released video footage of the attack, which allegedly showed Reyes on top of the woman before getting up, picking up his sunglasses from the ground, and walking out of the subway station. The victim was reportedly a 25-year-old woman. NYPD’s facial recognition team was able to use images of Reyes’s face to identify him from a previous arrest, according to Fox News.

“This heinous and horrendous act was interrupted by a good Samaritan who observed Mr. Reyes’ behavior and got him to cease his behavior while subsequently videotaping the incident,” said NYPD Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison.

The victim suffered minor injuries and reportedly declined medical treatment once authorities arrived.

“This is disturbing and disgraceful,” Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokeswoman Abbey Collins said after the attack. “No one should ever have to experience this type of horrific attack in the transit system.”

Reyes was charged with attempted rape, assault, and harassment. He has previously faced other criminal charges, including robbery, assault of a police officer, and grand larceny.

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