FeverWarn Body Temperature Scanning Technology Sets New Standard in Fever Detection for Improved Workplace and Public Health Safety | Nachricht – Digitalmunition

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FeverWarn Body Temperature Scanning Technology Sets New Standard in Fever Detection for Improved Workplace and Public Health Safety | Nachricht

BALTIMORE, Md., March 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — FeverWarn by MachineSense is now the only self-service temperature scanning product that accurately calculates body temperature to detect fevers, even in very hot or cold weather conditions. While common handheld scanners capture the skin’s surface temperature, FeverWarn calculates internal body temperature with MachineSense’s OPX technology, which combines and processes data from a trio of sensors through an AI-based algorithm. This higher degree of accuracy helps vigilant workplaces and public spaces strengthen their defense against virus transmission to protect employees, visitors, students, customers, worshippers and patients.

Handheld temperature scanners are cheap, but unsafe. They require the operator to stand very close to a person before knowing whether or not they have a key indicator of illness. They are also dramatically impacted by high or low ambient temperatures which, at best, skew temperature readings and, at worst, make temperature unreadable when used outside of their suggested 70 to 94 degrees Fahrenheit ambient temperature range. With most of the country’s climate below or above that range depending on the season, workplaces and public agencies that are serious about keeping fevers out while minimizing detection costs are turning to FeverWarn with OPX technology.

FeverWarn with OPX utilizes three sensors – an infrared sensor to scan skin temperature, an ambient sensor to capture the temperature of the ambient environment, and a proximity sensor to measure how far away the fist or wrist is when scanned. The sensor data is processed by the proprietary OPX algorithm to accurately calculate body temperature. FeverWarn signals an alert when it detects an elevated body temperature and, depending on the model, can disable a door badge to prevent entry, for instance. Because of its three sensors, FeverWarn with OPX scanners can operate in environments ranging from 40 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Handheld scanners are unsafe for the operator and create bottlenecks through their inefficiencies that put even more people at risk. But their inaccuracy in most conditions is what’s most worrisome,” says Dr. Biplab Pal, co-founder and CTO of MachineSense. “As communities continue to take steps to limit and prevent the spread of pathogens, they are realizing that skin temperature readings are simply inadequate. FeverWarn continues to draw on our long experience and expertise with sensor-driven technologies to help communities stay safe without breaking the bank.”

Among FeverWarn’s customers are some of the country’s largest hospitals and healthcare providers, corporate campuses, educators, retail and restaurant brands, entertainment venues, professional sports leagues, and dozens more applications. With FeverWarn, the screening process is automated, fast and accurate while providing integrations and data management that helps organizations maintain health safety within their space.

FeverWarn’s unique wrist and fist thermal scanning approach also avoids other problematic interferences such as hair, perspiration, makeup, hats or face coverings. FeverWarn devices are twice as fast as handheld scanners, streamlining the flow of people without sacrificing safety.

For more about FeverWarn and its industry leading thermal scanners, visit www.feverwarn.com.

About MachineSense, LLC.
Headquartered in Baltimore, USA, with a software engineering office in Kansas City, Missouri and company-owned R&D facilities in Kolkata, India, MachineSense has developed a patented industrial IoT system for predictive and prescriptive maintenance of machines, using electricity and vibration analytics. The company builds Industrial IoT devices and platforms to improve human safety as well as man-machine interfaces. For more details, visit, www.machinesense.com.

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