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Published on April 27th, 2019 📆 | 8594 Views ⚑


Fixing Kioptrix #1 Network Issue – OSCP Prep – 1

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If you can’t discover Kioptrix #1 from Kali, this video might help.

And here’s the list of OSCP-like vulnhub vulnerable machine (thanks to robel1889):

1. Kioptrix Level 1
2. Kioptrix Level 1.1
3. Kioptrix Level 1.2
4. Kioptrix Level 1.3
5. Kioptrix 5
6. pWnOS v2.0
7. SickOs 1
8. SickOS 1.2
9. Stapler
10. Tr0ll
11. Tr0ll2
12. Vulnix
13. VulnOSv2
14. FristiLeaks 1.3
15. LordOfTheRoot 1.0.1
16. mrRobot
17. pwnlab_init

Only perform these types of engagements in safe and legal environments and with the appropriate permissions.


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20 Responses to Fixing Kioptrix #1 Network Issue – OSCP Prep – 1

  1. OMG – Thank you so much —- God bless…!

  2. Mr Noob says:

    I have changed the bridged to "nat" but still m not able to ping that in mat network with Kali…plz reply

  3. Hrishi GG says:

    Thanks man. This really helped.

  4. Thanks bro! you helped a lot!
    just a minor change for the new versions of kioptrix 1. I wrote "Nat" instead of "nat" and directly ran the machine by double clicking on the vmx file to make it work.

  5. Cizzbar says:

    Thank you very much. You saved my time bro!

  6. John Wick says:

    this video is life saver for a beginner thank you.

  7. Manan Soni says:

    hey @cristi vlad
    i am still facing the same problem .. i think i have tried every thing possible ..
    but whenever i turn on the kioptrix VM it automatically changes the network adapter to Bridged (Automatic) .

    Please assist.

  8. Thanks A Lot For saving time
    Can U make a video to explain why this happens

  9. I still don' get anything except, 192.168.152. 1,
    Any idea why?

  10. thanx!! sir u really helped me….u r awesome..

  11. Ohh man, you saved my time, I was struggling through the same network issue. googled a lot but does not found anything then lands up on your channel, and issue is now resolved with the same trick. Thank you for the videos, just keep it continue.

  12. Great Video, saved me a lot of time and headaches

  13. fred says:

    This is going to come in handy when I sign up for PWK
    Good luck on your path to oscp 🙂

  14. I'm confused as to why any of this is necessary. I had both machines set to a host-only network with DHCP enabled and I found the kioptrix machine without issue. Granted I use Workstation Professional, not free, but I don't see why it should make that big of a difference.

  15. J Jack says:

    Thanks for posting this…I've been going nuts trying to figure out why I couldn't get it to work the way I've seen it work for others. I'm using Virtual Box, and my scan result said VMWare? And during the scan there was no port 80 that was open…
    I have a ".vmxf" file but not a ".vmx" to make any edits. Not sure what else to do?

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