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FREE Webinar : NESA Compliance – How it matters

Information security and cyber-attacks are issues greatly prevalent across industries around the globe. Not only are the attacks increasingly sophisticated but, also difficult to detect and take corrective steps to prevent cyber-attacks. The proliferation of digital technology has led to the protection of data as a major concern for most businesses today.  Increased use of technology and the Cloud for storage of confidential data has put organizations at great risk of a cyber security threat. This is especially a concern if no adequate cyber security measures are established within an organization. To address this issue, the UAE has reinforced its cyber security capabilities by enforcing cyber security legislation through established Compliance regulations. To ensure UAE’s critical infrastructure is protected from potential cyber threats, the country established NESA Compliance. NESA’s IAS standards were developed to strengthen the country’s current cyber security framework and prevent the growing incidence of cyber attacks.

Compliance with NESA UAE IA Standard is mandatory for all UAE government entities and other entities identified as critical by NESA as it is an essential facet of the National Cyber Security Strategy and also form as the minimum requirements for integrating the Sector and National platforms.

With an aim to educate organizations across the UAE about the key regulation, VISTA InfoSec is conducting a FREE Webinar on NESA Compliance. Join in to learn more about the Compliance standard and how your organization can achieve compliance with VISTA InfoSec. The webinar conducted will be an interesting session hosted by the industry expert and the Founder and Director of VISTA InfoSec, Mr. Narendra Sahoo (PCI QSA, PCI QPA, CISSP, CISA, and CRISC). Be a part of this is an informative session wherein the following topics under the NESA Compliance would be covered-

  • A brief background on the UAE’s Cybersecurity Landscape
  • Understanding the Scope & Objective of NESA Compliance
  • NESA’s IAS Standard & Security Controls
  • NESA Compliance & Enforcement Penalties
  • NESA’s Threat based approach & Security Management Controls
  • What does NESA say about Data Encryption?
  • Preparing for NESA Compliance
  • How can VISTA InfoSec help you achieve Compliance?

It will be a live and interactive session with Q&A’s, where attendees get to clear their doubts and get answered to their queries by the industry expert. Below given are the webinar details for online registration.

Sep 15, 2020: UAE time 2–2:40 PM : Register Here

Sep 16, 2020: London time 3–30:40 PM : Register Here

Sep 16, 2020: USA Time 11–11:40 AM : Register Here

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