Videos Gear Tasting 56: Home Security Assessments, Spotting Scopes and OCD Organization

Published on April 9th, 2019 📆 | 1925 Views ⚑


Gear Tasting 56: Home Security Assessments, Spotting Scopes and OCD Organization

On this episode, Bryan offers his thoughts on performing a home security assessment to make your home a harder target. He also answers some Questions Over Coffee, including a follow up on the PCU System, a new spotting scope and the depths of his OCD when it comes to organization.

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ITS Door Devil Test –
ITS Protective Combat Uniform Article –
Kwikpoint PCU Visual User Guide –
Kwikpoint PCU II Visual User Guide –
Bushnell Legend Tactical –
Bushnell Tactical Elite –
Getting Things Done –
Omnifocus –

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In each episode of Gear Tasting, Imminent Threat Solutions Editor-in-Chief Bryan Black answers your gear-related questions and shares his insight into what we’re currently evaluating at ITS HQ.


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24 Responses to Gear Tasting 56: Home Security Assessments, Spotting Scopes and OCD Organization



  3. How about an article on the best civilian analogs to the PCU components. As good as the PCU is ,they just aren't always suitable.

  4. Silkworm says:

    i like for tasks/projects. Omni products were too bloated for me

  5. Rifleman114 says:

    Don't leave tools, for gardening or otherwise in your yard that can be used to break in to your house. Or large pavers or bricks that can be picked up.

  6. Bryan, both of those spotting scopes you were talking about are less expensive lower end scopes, which is ok if you're shooting/spotting short to medium distance. With you getting into long range shooting you'll find that those spotting scopes are more in the range of $2000-$5000 with high end German glass. Optolyth just came out with a new collapsible/packable scope you might want to check out.

  7. NAV195 says:

    Can you go over some options for accessory pouches that match lbx mas grey? and will you ever offer your med pouch in mas grey? thanks #geartasting

  8. fullporaport says:

    For home security I use alarm system (ismartalarm), connected to my phone, no monthly cost, wireless system, camera, mouvement detection, door/window alarm, etc.

    Someone broke in my house in July (3000$ in stolen good), he tried again last week, now he is in jail for long time.

    Thx to my alarm system.

    I'm looking for doordevil add on now.

  9. Key code pads are not very safe as most don't have a sufficient  cover to keep prying eyes from seeing with the aide of binoculars or scopes to view when you use the pad to get into your home…

  10. rezdog187 says:

    FFP VS SFP easy- sfp reticle true only at max power, ffp reticle true at any power.

  11. Ryan N says:

    I would suggest using to study for your ham radio license.I used it to study for my technician ham radio license. This website does a great job drilling the questions and answers into your head. I spent 2 days going over all of the questions and went and took my test and passed. I am about to start studying for my general license. I took the general test with my technician, without studying for it, and I was just a few questions short.

  12. HEY!…………..what's wrong with M-Frames!? Lol

  13. DankMemes says:

    Good video again. I read an article a while back about security/protection. The person did interviews with career criminals, rapists, murders,psychopaths etc etc. One of the rapist (IIRC) mentioned that he wouldnt go into a house if he seen anything that would pose a threat to him. Putting big boots on the porch was an example he gave. Even if its fake, he wouldnt risk it.

  14. Eli Cochran says:

    Hi! I've listened to your Podcast for a year a half now! I'm such a huge fan! Had no clue about this YouTube channel. You guys are legit!

  15. Da A says:

    As for cameras make sure they are HD the cheap ones are not sufficient to ID someone after the fact.

  16. AGNU5D3I says:

    What carry options do you recommend for carrying pen and paper? Notebook carriers? Notebook wallets? What different pens do you like/recommend? How do you incorporate written notes (in your notebook, not sticky notes) into your GTD system? I just got a notebook wallet from Recycled Firefighter to help remind me to check my notes when I remove my wallet from my pants before turning in. #geartasting

  17. I still use a Kowa 821M with a 27x long eye relief eyepiece, but I don't use this "in the field" as it were. The Bushnell Elite tactical looks like a very interesting spotting scope, and is less expensive than the Leupold tactical spotting scopes, and I considered getting one to have a compact spotting scope. But I think I would rather just put that same money into an upgrade for my Kowa (Kowa 883) and just get a pair of binoculars or a monocular.

  18. Nathan Gavel says:

    what is a good light weight rain jacket #GearTasting

  19. IBDaddyO says:

    Where can I get that security article When you are done?

  20. I am 12 and wear size 13 combat boots

  21. is that a racoon hat in the back?

  22. Chris Bassil says:

    One thing about putting padlocks on your side gates along with an alarm system. When your alarm does go off and the police come to check the house they will not jump the fence to check the backyard. Criminals don't have an issue jumping the fence though.

  23. The best kind of security system is a second system not connected with the first system with a dual tech motion completely redundant!

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