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Get top advice and training from SANS on how to track’n’thwart hackers • DigitalMunition – Digitalmunition

News Get top advice and training from SANS on how to track'n'thwart hackers • The Register

Published on November 1st, 2019 📆 | 2621 Views ⚑


Get top advice and training from SANS on how to track’n’thwart hackers • DigitalMunition

Promo No matter how thorough your security preparations, chances are that hidden threats already lurk inside your organisation’s networks. Even the most advanced security and monitoring tools can’t be solely relied upon on to keep persistent adversaries out of your systems.

SANS Institute’s Threat Hunting and Incident Response Summit event taking place in London, UK, provides advice and in-depth training on how to track down attackers and prevent them from targeting your networks.

The one-day summit on 13 January brings together industry leaders and security experts to talk about successful threat hunting techniques and tools, plus present illustrative case histories.

The summit is followed by six days of immersive security training courses and workshops starting on 14 January. All attendees are promised they will return to work fully armed with effective defensive skills ready to combat real-world threats.

Choose between these courses:

Advanced incident response, threat hunting and digital forensics

A new course focusing on detecting attacks that get past security systems. The key is to catch intrusions in progress, identify compromised systems, perform damage assessments, and determine what was stolen. Building up threat intelligence helps stop future intrusions.

Hacker tools, techniques, exploits, and incident handling

Cyber attacks are increasing in viciousness and stealth. Learn the criminals’ tactics, and gain hands-on experience in finding vulnerabilities. Legal issues include employee monitoring, working with law enforcement, and handling evidence.

Defeating advanced adversaries: purple Team tactics and kill chain defences

Enterprises of all sizes are at risk of ransomware attacks. Learn how to defend against them from real-world examples and hands-on practice in more than 20 labs. Finish with a full-day Defend-the-Flag exercise.

Advanced network forensics: threat hunting, analysis, and incident response

Network evidence often provides the best view of a security incident. The focus is on the skills needed to examine network communications in investigative work, with numerous use cases.

Cyber threat intelligence

Proper analysis of an adversary’s intent and opportunity to do harm is key to cyber threat intelligence. Learn how to collect and classify adversaries’ methods and increase your preparedness with each intrusion.

Reverse-engineering malware: malware analysis tools and techniques

Turn malware inside out and acquire the practical skills to examine malicious programs that target Windows systems. The course uses various monitoring utilities, a disassembler, a debugger, and other freely available tools.

Full details on the summit event, and how to register, are right here.

Serverless Computing London – 6-8 Nov 2019

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