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Google Assistant Now Officially Supports TVs, Media Remotes, Set-Top Boxes

Google Assistant has officially added support for TVs, set-top boxes, and media remotes, allowing device manufacturers to easily integrate the Google Assistant in their products. The virtual assistant was already available for Android TVs, smart TV boxes, Logitech Harmony remote systems, Roku smart TV box, and more, however, this is the first time that Google Assistant has publicly documented the support for the three device types. This documentation will ease the implementation of Google Assistant for the device makers. The device manufacturers can check the documentation and understand the ways to develop Google Assistant controls for their devices correctly.

Google Assistant-integrated TVs will allow the digital assistant to turn the device on/off, control volume, select mode, switch apps, and more. it will work with set-top boxes and media remotes in a similar way.

Google has mentioned that the TV and related devices that it now supports include smart TV devices, over-the-top (OTT) streaming boxes, and OTT streaming sticks. It also supports hubs, universal remotes, and media controllers.

Google’s virtual assistant now supports nearly 70 categories of devices. These include water purifiers, refrigerators, pressure cookers, lights, fans, doors, windows, and even bathtubs.

With the latest development, we can expect to see native Google Assistant support in more TV models, remotes, and media players in the coming months. The Google Assistant documentation for TVs and other new device types was first spotted by Android Police.

Meanwhile, Google Assistant recently has added a COVID-19 alert card. It shows important information regarding the disease to the users. It can be accessed by opening the Google Assistant app or by clicking the Google logo present on the Google search bar.

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