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Google drops photo syncing between Drive and Photos beginning next month

Starting in July, Google is going to be taking away the ability to sync Google Photos with one of their other key services. This won’t affect everyone, but for the people that use the feature, it’s going to be a major headache.

Currently, users have the option to make their Photos album visible in Google Drive, allowing easy access to uploaded pictures and videos in a more traditional file management app. Google thinks that’s confusing, though, so beginning next month that toggle goes away completely for new photos.

On the other end of that, it also meant that any photos you had in Google Drive would be visible and accessible in Google Photos. That link breaks both ways, so if you use Photos and Drive for either of these situations, it’s gone.

Fortunately, it only applies to new files uploaded through the services. Anything you had linked together will still be visible, but new things uploaded to either service won’t be syncing. You can still use Google’s backup and sync tools to manage things individually, but that’s going to be a little more work than you’re used to.

To make it a little easier, there will be a new button in Google Photos that allows quick upload directly from Google Drive, but this will be a manual thing every time you want to sync up any photos.

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