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Published on April 27th, 2018 📆 | 7279 Views ⚑


Google Gmail adds new security feature to prevent phishing attacks

In an updated blog post on G-Suite blog, Google announced that it will bring a new security feature for Google account holders. These account holders also happen to rely on the Chrome browser for its Web browsing activity. Google hopes to increase security by verifying users’ login to Google accounts they control.


This is designed to prevent anyone from stealthily logging in Google accounts that may be malicious third parties. However, not all Google users will see this new interface because this is specifically for third-party logins. Google said that the new security features will be launched on May 7.

After signing in on the SAML Provider website, users will see a new interface from that asks the user to identify the Google account they want to sign in. If the Google account belongs to the user himself, then they can continue to log in. If not, the user may need to investigate the matter because it means that someone may try to trick the user into logging in to another Google account that should not access these services.


This is designed to prevent phishing attacks that may attempt to trick users into stealing their malicious accounts. The new interface will only be displayed once per device to minimize interference with users. In the future, Google states that users should see it less and less because the system has acquired “context-aware” functionality.

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