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Google’s Apple Card Rival Leaked Online, Will Reportedly Integrate With Google Pay

Google is reportedly working on a smart debit card that will make financial management more intuitive and easier. Images for the alleged card have been leaked and some information regarding how it works has also surfaced. The Google Card (unofficial name) is expected to be offer both in physical and virtual card forms and it will reportedly connect to the Google app and let users monitor purchases, check their balance, and perform other tasks like locking their account. However, Google has not given an official confirmation on the same.

The images of the card and the app interface were shared by TechCrunch in a report mentioning some of the details about the rumoured Google Card. The image of the card itself reportedly shows a VISA chip and it is believed that Google might support other networks like Mastercard as well. The report states that the card will have Google branding along with the name of the partnered bank. Speaking of partnered banks, TechCrunch claims Citi and Stanford Federal Credit Union are among the bank partners in the US.

Google Card settings will presumably be integrated in Google Pay
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There are images showing the app interface as well that will presumably be integrated into the Google Pay app. Citing sources, TechCrunch states users will be able to add money or transfer funds out of their account from the connected app. The information shown in the app will include a list of recent transactions that shows the merchant’s name, date, and price associated with the transaction. If the user taps on a particular transaction, the location of where the transaction was made will be shown. The settings page seems to include options like “Lock physical card” that will let users quickly block their card in case they lose it. There is also a toggle for enabling “Contactless card payments” among other options.

The report adds that users will also be able to make purchases at retail stores by using the Google Card like a regular card or even through contactless payment. The virtual version of the card can also be used through the app for Bluetooth mobile payments and online or in-app purchases.

Interestingly, Google is right now partnering with banks and credit unions to use their underlying financial infrastructure and regulate the process but, the company might cut out the banks all together sometime in the future, the report claims.

It’s safe to assume that this is Google’s response to the Apple Card which was announced in March last year. The Apple Card provides cashback on the purchase of Apple products.

There is no word on whether the Google Card will be available internationally, however, it is likely to be US-only, at least in the beginning.

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