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Published on February 18th, 2021 📆 | 6784 Views ⚑


Google’s nearby share now supports APK file sharing

Google’s nearby share, or Apple’s Airdrop rival, as many are calling it, now supports application sharing to other users that are nearby. It is uncommon for developers to create features that prevent users from resorting to other applications for the same purpose. Apple focused more on the Apple ecosystem construction and therefore had an application for every minor or major task that includes file-sharing tools. The Airdrop was the only way to transfer files from one Apple device to another as oy prevented any Android device to connect to it.


Google’s nearby share offers the same set of features as Airdrop, which is file-sharing of any format. It includes all the audio files, video files, images, documents, and applications. Google’s nearby share is not new but the current update allows you to share your favorite applications installed on your device to a nearby Android user. To do so, you have to open the Google Play Store application and a new ”Share” module will be included alongside the usual modules.

The nearby share feature may not currently reflect in your Android device as the update are currently rolled out in an unknown order. Sharing applications is a convenient way to save bandwidth and let people near you make use of these applications. Google’s Android platform has an overwhelming number of devices and it might be the best time to make use of that. There a few minor differences between the Airdrop and Nearby share, as the latter does not make your device publicly visible to the other users. You can make your device visible to your phone contacts, at best, which is quite secure yet limiting for sharing.

Nearby share leverage every possible wireless connectivity protocols that include Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC, and peer-to-peer Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are commonly found in the majority of Android devices, while the BLE is available only with newer devices and is dormant at all times except when you use it to share files. The cycling between protocols is automatically done by the application to determine the best possible protocols to ensure maximum speed. Another catch with nearby share is that it will only work on Android devices with the Android OS 6 and above.


File sharing is not new as many applications such as Xander, ShareIt, Files by Google already exist that have provided the same feature, for many years now. The biggest advantage that I see in Google’s nearby share is limiting the need to download third-party applications for simple needs. ShareIt was recently found to have many security vulnerabilities that made a laughing stock of the user’s data and its integrity. Using an inbuilt application seems a viable and safe choice for now.

Android users will save subsequent memory in their smartphones while being safe from bloatware that is bundled with applications like ShareIt. Even if you consider Files by Google, it is still an entirely different application just for file transfers, which lacks bloated but is very sluggish and bleak to use.

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