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Lets say you create 100 hits at a mean of 150 damage per successful hit.


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    I tryed the choclate bar thing along with the granite thing and they weren’t very good. I kill gloomy drags at OSRS gold heros guild and that I will find a whole invy. I tryed black drags and I killed 5. Any idea how I could make money? Also where is the best place to kill any sort of drags? I enjoy killing blue and green but I get pk’ed at green drags. Any good spots to kill them? Also, perhaps I can kill them at that place because dungeon for the hero’s pursuit (Not the guild I kill them the place where you fish the eel’s.) And also where is the ideal place to kill reds? I think the hides will be the same as the bones so that will go very fast.

    It will not be easy for anybody to offer you good information without your stats. From what I hear though: Greens – Wear cheap equipment, kill them at level 13 wilderness ~north-west of Edgeville for those who must (just try and find an empty world), deliver a teletab. Blue – There is always competition from the Taverly dungeon today (the one you were referring to fishing the eels out of ). However the resource dungeon in there has 5-6 Blue Dragon spawns and isn’t very crowded. I personally kill blue dragons , but it will require at least 60 dungeoneering.

    Red – They’re in the Brimhaven dungeon or Red Dragon Isle from the deep wilderness. Blacks – Without your stats, and because you said you could only kill 5, I wouldn’t counsel you killing these . Please update the original post with your full stats the next time to test up with this thread. Thanks!

    Lets say you create 100 hits at a mean of 150 damage per successful hit. We can estimate 20 of those hits will be 0s providing you an approximate accuracy rate of 80%. Now we could factor in the increased accuracy of the Crossbow, your accuracy rate rises to cheap RS gold approximately 87% and every one of the 7 extra hits you handle will even moderate 150 harm of course.

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