June 13, 2021

Help Me !!

Book explaining large scale hacking?

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    Book explaining large scale hacking?

    I am looking for a book, or video, or other medium that explains how one would pull off a larger scale hack. Large scale here is defined as stealing money from a bank in the Caymans, or shutting down a major network, or what have you. Like what you see these hackers do in TV shows.

    Of course, I would only be reading this for educational purposes.

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    What you’re asking for is kind of silly…. Here’s a series that’s all about real theoretical attacks though. You’re not going to find information on how to steal money from a bank, but you can read books from hackers who have done a lot of interesting things, like a group of friends who won nearly a million dollars in Las Vegas by reverse-engineering slot machines in Kevin Mitnick’s book.

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