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Brute force attack software for online passwords

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    The title pretty much says it all. I’m looking for some software that can guess an online password that let’s you get as many failed attempts as you want. I don’t think the password is long so brute forcing it would probably do the trick, if you have any other suggestions I would be happy to hear them.

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    You won’t flint client software that will do this – systems that lockout based on failed attempts do so at the server. (Okay, you won’t find any good client software that does this – may be some lame javascript implementations of ‘security’ that are an exception).

    What you want to find is an authentication input method for which the system does not mark the account for lockout based on a set number of failed login attempts. Web/ftp sites that perform basic authentication against active directory used to do this (perhaps as a thought to avoid a mass account lockout initiated from the internet) but honestly, I haven’t googled whether or not that is still the case.

    tl;dr: not a client thing. Look for other auth methods that do not “count”.

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