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Hacking Minutes | Armitage – Cortana Scripts

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Hello Everyone!

In today’s Armitage Series Part (5), you will get the opportunity to see how to load and run Cortana scripting from within Armitage, enabling you to a new world of offensive attacks that are written and can modify, so you can conduct more possibilities and get more results from a GUI’s perspective with the power of automation.

Cortana Scripts are not compatible with Armitage.
We can find a lot of Cortana scripts built by different people on the internet,in this video, we will see how to load and run Cortana scripting.
These scripts can be used to automate different tasks in Armitage.
Running Cortana scripts is easy and fast. We will use the scripts hosted on GitHub by rsmudge at https://github.com/rsmudge/cortana-scripts.
Cortana scripts may also extend Armitage clients with new features. Cortana scripts can expose hidden Metasploit features, integrate third-party tools and agents, or control other Cortana bots.

We hope you enjoy the demo.

This video is performed for educational purpose only, it will help Cyber Security Researchers expand their knowledge as to how such attacks take place, everything is done on self owned machines and do not support promotion for such techniques, we are not responsible for any damage done in reference to this training, Black Hat Ethical Hacking or any security research engineer performing this demo is not held responsible for the actions of others and do not influence such attacks to be done WITHOUT the consents of the other party or part of a penetration testing after an NDA agreement signed between both parties.


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