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Published on January 21st, 2021 📆 | 2574 Views ⚑


Hitman 3 unplayable?

Are you waiting eagerly to play Hitman 3? We are too, but not all of us have able to get through the carryover program imposed by the IO interactive. Hitman 3 released today and is unplayable by a lot of players that pre-booked and bought the final game in the Hitman trilogy. As our favorite sandbox game, Hitman 3 remained a sore sight for many players that tried importing their previous data of Hitman 2 via the IOI profile website.


It all sounded sophisticated and much rewarding when the studio promised to import all your previous maps and save data into Hitman 3. This presents two problems. First is the user base, which has been cult followers of the game are stranded unless they import all their previous saves. This makes the game unplayable as the import will overwrite all the current progress made by a player. Even if you try it out, the progress will be completely wiped forcing you to replay the levels

It seems IO interactive is in a hurry to finish up the series and focus on their next big gig, which is a rumored James Bond game. While we are waiting for that one too, it is important that they clean up before they move to the next project. Hitman is a game that is replayable and clearly, they wouldn’t end the support and updates for a highly successful game this early. What we want them to do is focus on the Hitman series after launch as they did with the previous iterations.

Like every new release players stormed the IOI profile website to register requests of importing the game data. The servers were overwhelmed with the response and choked causing a lot of commotion on Reddit, and Twitter. It is a scalability issue as the game manufacturers could have prepared for such a response in advance, considering the popularity of the series.


The other problem is the much-prevalent day one issue that troubles every game. Hitman 3 like the rest of the franchise is a single-player game that requires an internet connection. Without that the game is unplayable by the players. The launch day brought a ton of players only to dishearten them as the game would not launch in the first place. This was also a server connection issue that obstructed the players to make a connection. The game, if connected to the server, would crash abruptly and we found ourselves finally calling it a day.

The game was playable by few gamers that shared their clips on Twitter and YouTube. The game looks absolutely stunning with fantastic reflections and the very smug Agent 47. We hope that the IOI website process the request for importing previous save data faster, as they have tweeted about arranging the incoming request in a queue. Till then, try to stay away from spoilers as the levels may only be three, but the layered methods of completion of the missions are still our favorite part of the game.

Do share your inputs about the status of your requests for importing the saves and if you could play the game or not.

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