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Published on February 20th, 2020 📆 | 7159 Views ⚑


Hot Secret Way to Text A Guy Without Appearing Desperate

There’s a secret way to text a guy without appearing desperate. Many times women make huge mistakes because they can’t help themselves and end up pursuing a man who appears withdrawn but if you understand how to use this strategy, you will come off as more attractive instead of needy.

Let me warn you that it is not just learning about one skill and sending him one text message and that’s all. You have to learn your craft. Learning your craft is where you’ll see huge results. Take the time to understand how to use texting as a way to create intense attraction in guys and you’ll be a pro in no time. Men will want to hear from you and you’ll learn how to build such intrigue that you’ll be unforgettable.

One of many mistakes women make is sending a guy dirty text messages because they think it will get his attention. Wrong move.

Don’t even bother trying to get a man’s attention by sending him a dirty text. Not if you want to be associated with being a high class woman. If you don’t know how to position yourself far apart from the other women who are making the mistakes, you will not get far.

The biggest secret to texting a man without appearing desperate is to send a playful text that has some elements of humor in it. Here’s what I mean:

Bad Text Mistake: “I really want you right now.”

The text above is full of desperation and neediness. Telling your guy you really want him won’t push the right emotional triggers inside of him. It will only appeal to his physical appetite. Here’s how to get his attention:

Attention Getting Text Message: “Hey you sexy dork! You’re a trouble maker aren’t you?”

When a guy gets this kind of text message, it will make him laugh and when you make him laugh you are triggering him emotionally. It will also open him up because you sound like fun. You come off as sounding like you don’t “want” anything from him. He’ll feel way more into you when you tease him in this manner than if you’re looking like you want to be in front of the line for his attention.

I bet if you send this text message right now, you’ll get a response. The only thing I cannot guarantee is if you’ll keep his attention because there are more advanced strategies to make this happen.

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