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Published on March 19th, 2021 📆 | 8434 Views ⚑


How Technology Paves The Way For Growth Amid Cultural Evolution

By Florian Roth, CIO SAP SE

It’s no secret that innovation and technology have always been at the core of cultural change. Nowhere is this more apparent than COVID-19 which has accelerated our dependency on technology, becoming a global lifeline for many people to remain connected and employed. Industry leading technology was made accessible in the homes of employees, and it will undoubtedly fast-track technology acceptance on many more levels in our daily lives creating a new normal with limitless potential for growth.

Throughout the past decade, the mobility industry has influenced multi-generational demographics and accelerated the first major cultural shift of the 21st century. Everything needs to be done much faster and easier—and it must be fun. The consumerization of mobile devices continues to massively influence the lifecycle of corporate technology innovation and undoubtedly helped save businesses while empowering people to work from home during these unprecedented times.  

Growing together while staying apart – a continuing business mandate in 2021

At the beginning of the pandemic, SAP immediately transitioned to a remote work environment, where leveraging a variety of collaborative technologies became critically important. And that had a measurable change impact – even before COVID-19. We previously made a strategic decision to use Office 365 as our standard work platform. It was important as it provides a single user experience through harmonized user interfaces on all platforms and guarantees a seamless integration of applications.

Having everything easily accessible within one environment, combined with robotic process automation capabilities, continuous to support and even increases the productivity of our employees. These types of collaboration tools continue to be very effective for us to stay connected and grow together, even while working apart. And for SAP employees and customers, the next evolution will be a seamless integration of Microsoft Teams and SAP’s enterprise applications.

From a corporate perspective, I believe we have entered a new era of the modern workplace. 2020 has proven that we can collaborate and communicate with each other very successfully, no matter where we work. But is that a long term and sustainable solution?  I am confident that it is. Surveys of SAP employees have shown us that a technology empowered hybrid working model, a combination of working from home as well an SAP office, is the preferred solution for the future.

Recent industry articles from SAP about the future of work are now becoming a reality. Discussing and planning suitable hybrid models and future hybrid workplace solutions, including redesigning corporate offices are taking place. In addition, The Intelligent Enterprise and digital transformation have become essential business tools that will also positively impact employees. And with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning- based automation, upskilling and workforce agility will become incredibly important.

We have the technology, and we have the vision. The key is to leverage it as an opportunity for everyone, as it will be a critical differentiator for successful businesses worldwide.

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