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How to Increase your Art Sales using Technology

Art is one of the strongest reflection of the human society. Be it in form of painting, poetry, or song. For the longest time, artists had to depend solely on galleries and self-marketing to sell their works. Although it worked for some artists, some, especially the upcoming individuals, did not have as much luck. However, with the coming of technology, artists now have several ways of increasing the chances of selling their work. Here are some of the ways you can use technology to increase the attention and market for your work.

Online marketing

You no longer have to wait for customers to find your art shop or art services. Now, with technology, you can advertise our art on various platforms. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Twitter to post your artwork, and details of purchase. Most of these social media platforms have several features that significantly increase the number of people to see your work. Therefore, even when your followers or friends do not directly purchase your art, they can still share it on their own profiles thus making you visible to more potential customers.

Online contacts and connections

Social media platforms such as Facebook use algorithms to determine and suggest new connections. If you thus show or state your interest in art, Facebook will try to suggest friends with similar inclinations. You can then choose to make friends with said individuals, who may end up becoming useful connections in the art world. You stand the chance of not only meeting customers, but also mentors, gallery owners, art collectors, collaborators, etc. The more connections you make within the art community, the more opportunities that come your way.

Finding art exhibitions and events

Apart from printed and announced advertisements, you can get information about art shows through the internet. You can either directly search for them, or get the details from online friends in the same scene. By attending art shows, you get the chance to widen your circle, while also learning and improving on your art technique where desired. You get to understand how the inside ropes work, which will benefit you when you want to be part of the same. For example, you can use this time to ask about how to get your work featured in the gallery.

Online art exhibitions

One of the greatest changes that technology brought into the art world is virtual art exhibitions. These have become even more popular during this time of quarantine and social distancing. Now, you do not have to depend only on physical art galleries to display your work. Online exhibitions have the advantage of reaching more people because they are convenient. More audience means more potential buyers, therefore higher chances of increasing your art sales.

Wireless Payment

As an artist hoping to reach and sell your work to audiences across geographical borders, it is vital to have wireless payment options. Without these, you not only limit the people who can purchase your work, you also chase others away. International customers might lack ways of paying you aside from Paypal and other similar channels. Therefore, you should register for them in order to allow a wider customer variety.


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