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Published on April 20th, 2019 📆 | 2468 Views ⚑


How to Remove Viruses From Your Computer

This is a detailed breakdown on how to remove any virus from a computer and repair your Windows Installation.

Recommended Anti-Virus – Webroot SecureAnywhere


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36 Responses to How to Remove Viruses From Your Computer

  1. Juan Perez says:

    You sir are a life saver! After following your instructions, my computer is running faster!

  2. John Buick says:

    Sounds like a nightmare, just use linux, lol

  3. Oh nice and thanks skskk and oop

  4. Reee Reee says:

    Will this delete key loggers and Trojan and back doors

  5. gigi uwu says:

    is this applicable for the corona virus

  6. PLEASE READ { Hire A Private Investigator}

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    Over the years, Attackers have grown creative over the years by requiring payments that are nearly impossible to trace, which helps cybercriminals remain anonymous. Prevention for DDOS attacks and ransomware attacks typically involves setting up and testing backups as well as applying ransomware protection in security tools. Security tools such as email protection gateways are the first line of defence, while endpoints are a secondary defence. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs) are sometimes used to detect ransomware command-and-control to alert against a ransomware system calling out to a control server.This type of services requires an expertise and that's where we come in.Alright listen up if you have experienced any of these or ever exposed to cyberthreat.

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  7. How do you delete coronavirus?

  8. I ran the newest v11 and it took like one min and all my viruses disappeared 😳

  9. Keboo Tv says:

    Omg!! When I say this works baby I love it 💯

  10. NOVAZ says:

    While it was at the part “launch job TdSS Killer” it made my computer restart is that normal

  11. Does this work on people, i have covid 19

  12. Antivirus utilities are crap, because they make mistakes, such as false positives, remove valid registry values, special user settings, sometimes deleting things very aggressively because of heuristics, slowing down startup, giving unnecessary messages, sometimes they are difficult to uninstall, sometimes they behave like viruses, etc etc.

    They also consume too much disk space, ram and cpu, they constantly scan files absurdly without need, they give a false sense of security since none is 100% effective.

    The best antivirus software is the user, common sense and information.

    It is best to make backups such as using programs like macrium reflect.

    With image backup programs I can restore the system with all its programs and settings and the cleaning is perfect, without temporary files with viruses or flaws due to failures of antivirus utilities.

    In addition, the image backup programs also correct flaws in bad installations, windows faults, corrupted files or programs, startup failures, undo faulty updates, user negligence, etc., antivirus programs do not protect you from these faults.

     In less than an hour, the backup is restored without stressing the system for 6 hours or more, scanning with antivirus.

    With automators or with the functions of the backup programs, backups can be automated one day a week or at night, etc.

    It may be a pain to do a backup every two days or every week, and I would lose two or three days of work with the documents when restoring the backup, but I assure myself that the operation will be successful.

    I can even combine full image backups from the hard drive and save daily document backups to an external drive so I don't need to create a hard drive backup as often.

    If I suspect that a file is infected I can scan it at without having to have an antivirus constantly bothering with absurd messages just to get noticed.

  13. Ryzm says:

    Dog I'm pretty sure I got over 300 viruses on my computer lmao it's like a 2007 premium edition some shit like that lmao I dont think theres any way I can fix it lmao do you think I can, and I barely even use the computer so some of these have been on their for years cause we never had any protection on the computer

  14. Should I just run this even if I think I don’t have any viruses on my pc currently just speed it up and remove all junk files I have accumulated over the years I’ve had the PC

  15. It is 12:21 tonight I was going to play ROBLOX on my laptop but realized that my laptop runs slower than '90's WiFi so I tried this video at around 10:50 And…….. Look where I am now. Well I guess I am gonna go to bed and let this run and see if it stays on. Good Night 😴😴😴😴

  16. This better work because my laptop runs at .000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 FPS.

  17. Farrier says:

    There's only one virus we should be concerned about these days. 😱🙏☠ 😎👍

  18. asfia82 says:

    i use adwcleaner ,works for me,if i cant fix it,i just format my pc to new windows using usb

  19. Is it really going to take an hour on the stage 3 sophos part? mine takes 3 hours and still going

  20. Haha Haha says:

    Chris help!!! While Stage No.2 is done my Computer restarted itself… Then i-open my Computer and Bitdefender found malicious in WindowsPowerShell… Did i need to turn off my Anti-Virus before doing it again?

  21. Hey windbag ever saw these videos where they show you how to do something fast forward video? We can always go back and pause I always like And subscribe to those type of videos without being asked

  22. I get tired of these videos where they feel like they have to creep up on me from an angle

  23. In the middle of my clean on stage 3 and the malware never popped up for me to hit scan

  24. MangoVibez says:

    At first it was runnig well but the it just restarts my computer in the middle of procces.

  25. There are lots of softwares against infections, but they are all generic, they all search for known infections, means they cant clean new viruses.
    Then you got something like in this video, a program that knows lots of OS files, but it still doesnt know everything, because of drivers, Windows versions, user applications, and so on, thats why its making backups, in chase it delete something important thats not a virus. And sometimes this important files got infected, means if you clean it, you will kill the operating system, also why its making backups, and in order to recover it, depending on a problem, there are various ways to fix each and single problem differently.
    Its good since its not generic, its more advanced, but it cant clear all infections or their left over traces, and if you really stuck with viruses (and you really have important files and dont wanna fresh OS) you are gonna need some good computer expert who have lots of experience on this field to clear them manually. In the end, no matter how you fight, some infections already done some damage, and trying to fix that after war is like trying to fix whole earth planet, as much as you are fixing it, it will never be fixed to be as original or perfect.

    Since i dont trust antiviruses, because most known viruses are already blocked on the server side, or DNS and similar things that are on the internet, and it cant protect me from new viruses, i dont like that slow down and wasting my time and resources only having antivirus running.
    So in my opinion, the best protection against everything are virtualization, with password, so only i can turn it on or off. I simply put my whole system partition into virtualization, like to freeze it, even in safe mode, what ever viruses i install, PC simply forget that, and each time i turn on PC, its power on as when i turned virtualization. No matter what i install, or what i do, system never remember that on next boot. Its like read only OS who have amnesia, it cant get infected.
    In combination with that for other partitions i use virtual hard drives with encryptions, also with password, and sometimes as read only media, so i can only read files from my other partitions, and nothing can be written, and if i wanna access it to edit something, having isolated OS, thats clean, i feel fine while loading my other partitions.
    And i also can give my computer to other peoples to use, such as children who are more likely to do random stuff and get viruses, imstall random apps or older peoples who are paranoid if they change wallpaper, because no matter what they think they broke, simple restart/shutdown/forced unplug, will boot up OS as first time. Even if they get infected, that infection will be in the system only until shutdown (even if forced or normal restart).
    For kids i set up boot order to boot from main drive, everything else disabled, with BIOS password. So even if they go to safe mode, they cant break it, but i put some free partition that will remember their stuff, infected or not. To break it they have to know BIOS password, virutalization password or to clear CMOS, or set up boot order.

  26. I had Segurazo since it does scan, quarantine and cleaning without the license, but my dad had to install a program on my pc and segurazo wasn’t letting him do it so since he wasn’t capable of disabling it he just removed it. I couldn’t install segurazo again and I found this.

  27. Recommended Anti-Virus – Webroot SecureAnywhere
    Check out the Complete Windows Tips and Tricks Playlist:

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