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How To Remove Windows 7 Viruses And Spyware Free (2020) – Digitalmunition

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Published on June 7th, 2020 📆 | 3672 Views ⚑


How To Remove Windows 7 Viruses And Spyware Free (2020)

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Many people are under the assumption that in order to remove spyware and adware from their computer, they need to install fourty five thousands different pieces of software on them to make sure they are clean. The truth is one or two REALLY good pieces of anti-malware software is enough to take care of the most dangerous pieces of malware you might get. Malware, by the way, is “Malicious Software”. This is where Malwarebytes Antimalware comes in. This software is hands down the best free piece of antimalware software in the market today. If it doesn’t catch what you have, it would raise some red flags to me… and there is always the option to run it in safe mode if you have trouble removing certain malware that may be on your computer.

Running Malwarebytes is extremely easy. It is a stand alone scanner, so once you have installed it, it is just a matter of booting it up, running the updates and clicking ‘quick scan’. For those of you running it for the first time, I recommend doing the ‘full scan’. This will make sure your system is clean, but have patience, it may take up to two hours depending on how much stuff you have on your computer.

Run Malwarebytes Antimalware Malicious Software Removal on Windows 7

1. Download Malwarebytes through the following link: The Tech Teacher.com/category/free-software-downloads/anti-spyware-software/malwarebytes-anti-malware/

2. Run through the installer, making sure to agree to the terms of service.

3. At the end of the installation, leave the “update” box checked and uncheck the “open Malwarebytes”

4. Go to your desktop and open “Malwarebytes Antimalware”

5. Select the “Update” tab at the top (if you forgot to run updates), and select “Check for Updates”

6. Select “Full Scan” if this is your first time running it, otherwise select “Quick Scan”

7. If it finds something, click “Remove”, reboot if it asks you too.

8. If Malwarebytes finds something on “Quick Scan”, I recommend running a “Full Scan” after bootup.

9. That’s it!

This software completes our section on removing junk from your Windows 7 computer. Now that you are in a good position virus and spyware wise, we can move on to actually optimizing your Windows 7 PC. The reason these steps are essential is because all of the optimization in the world won’t help a computer that’s bogged down with viruses, trojans and spyware. So stay tuned!

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48 Responses to How To Remove Windows 7 Viruses And Spyware Free (2020)

  1. Bad news at this point, without looking at it myself I'm out of ideas. You may need to bring it into a professional or reinstall Windows. Remember, if you reinstall windows you will lose all of your data.

  2. your link is not working

  3. Samuel says:

    i like his eyebrows

  4. Thank you, it took me years to achieve such amazing eyebrow styling… No sarcasm there, okay, maybe there's tons of sarcasm.

  5. dennyp says:

    we love u man!!!

  6. I love you too, but you're still not getting my Bud Light. 😛

  7. I'm working on a unibrow

  8. Awesome, love the photo by the way 🙂

  9. How do you know you have a virus? You could also try ESET NOD32s Online Scanner Tool, I have it in the virus removal section of my website.

  10. WTE Media says:

    malwarebytes conflicts with bitdefender…any other tools?

  11. this works in windows xp! Great! God bless you man. We love you!

  12. Thank you very much!

  13. Just run Malwarebytes in free mode instead of pro.

  14. Thanks for some great video's, but I have a small question.

    What is your take on real time antimalware like malwarebytes pro?
    Are they waist of money for a home user how do you look at it

  15. wadez1000 says:

    this malware will delete all troijans and viruses?

  16. Mina Habib says:

    im starting to make pc vids can you guys check them out plz go to my channel!

  17. It will delete many of them, yes.

  18. I think antimalware professional is definitely worth it if you spend alot of time on the internet or if you're dealing with a user who accidentally clicks on alot of ads and buys into phishing scams 🙂

  19. romynaruto says:

    i need help please. i believe i have got a virus on my laptop, which makes my new laptop really slow at times. it gives me these annoying delays when im switching programs or just simply opening "my computer" it will take quite awhile. Prior to getting this virus my laptop was really fast since it's new. i was dumb enough to turn off my kaspersky anti virus completely because of it's annoying pop ups. That was when i got the virus. i've done full scan on kaspersky but gives me nothing.

  20. Try going through my virus removal series on my website after you've attempted to run Malwarebytes Antimalware and the ESET NOD32 online scanner (both available in the downloads section of my website).

  21. anu Magar says:


  22. hi Craig am i just get a new computer the antivirus is a McAfee some say it no that al grate but this one came with my brand new computer my computer is a acer.Should i get a avast antvirurs.

  23. mesotano says:

    Thanks a lot man! I really need my laptop to run good for all my work this video was pretty helpful!

  24. Jay & Jee says:

    thank u so much, u have solved all my problems with this great video,

  25. i cant find the download … is it malwarebytes tool ? your website is confusing

  26. Me neither. There's no Anti-spyware tab.

  27. Omg No more virus yeaaaaaa also sub to our channel

  28. It's been updated a few times, its in free downloads under antimalware.

  29. Lox says:

    Actually i found it 😛

  30. I usually always run a full scan first.

  31. You are somebody, you are incredible Craig !

  32. I don't have is I have a thing called "spy bot" and it keeps saying the spyware is running so I can't delete it I keep on restarting and run the scan and it says the same thing how can I stop the spyware from running

  33. Hubby has a very old computer full of JUNK! This was EXCELLENT!!! Thank you for your help! 🙂

  34. Luis Gomez says:

    I love u man. thanks !

  35. Thanks man I believe its working 😉

  36. hey i did spyware terminator and before that i use malwarebytes. all they did was stop the spyware from popping up i want to remove the spyware permanently from my icon bar and computer.(the anti malware was up to date) plz help i really need it.

  37. This is not free it costs 24.95 dollars.

  38. ummm i think your website has been hacked

  39. Greg ninja says:

    Well I downloaded and at the moment its scanning. When does its start removal process or do I have to click something to start that

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