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Published on June 1st, 2020 📆 | 3049 Views ⚑


How To Setup Snoopy Qbot Botnet

Files –


Discord Server –

Telegram Group –

My Discord – AlphaSecurity#8140

Instagram – @IpDowned

Twitter – @downed


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27 Responses to How To Setup Snoopy Qbot Botnet

  1. IpDowned where you buy your server from?

  2. hey ipdowned need your help i got connection refused

  3. Riotz says:

    can someone send me download link from mega

  4. Unable to locate package “yum” I need help

  5. genesis says:

    just so everyone knows this is centos 6

  6. VazzaOnTop says:

    how long does this hit for

  7. VxP Txgc says:

    I can’t edit the snoopy c file

  8. VazzaOnTop says:

    do you need payload to scan to snoopy

  9. xXRaffoXx says:

    Hi, do you know how to limit the max packet band for every user? Because if I add a lot of bots the program crashes and if 2 persons use the ddos together it don t lag. I need a compromise. Thank you

  10. ByMeehoz says:

    how do u get your payload

  11. BBM.empire says:

    Cant Locate any of the CCs

  12. It won’t let me edit the file

  13. Can’t get my fucking bots to load somebody help please

  14. screen is terminating?? how can i fix this? @IpDowned

  15. K1 ST says:

    What are the 2 songs on the vid?

  16. Dexieツ says:

    I need help because this pops up after i enter gcc cnc.c -o server -pthread
    gcc: cnc.c: No such file or directory

    gcc: no input files

  17. RALPH ; says:

    What CentOS exactly i need to use?

  18. Cahped says:

    the root link not working bro 🙁

  19. xProxyRed says:

    I have a problem, who can help me?

  20. How can I add some bot ?

  21. Yee Modz says:

    i get iptables module failed to reload

  22. pluto says:

    after i setup the bot and detach, i connect from putty with the screenport and raw but it just says connection timeout

  23. can you please make a video how to setup putty and your terminal because i don't how please help

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