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Published on March 17th, 2021 📆 | 5940 Views ⚑


How To Unlock Prosperity And Progress

Eugenio is CEO and Co-Founder of Auth0.

The past year has been full of challenges and uncertainty. It has also strengthened our sense of community and served as a catalyst for change. As we look to the future, it is imperative to recognize that it is our duty as leaders to make an even greater impact. We have the unique opportunity to effect change and use our resources and our roles to truly make a difference.

I recently wrote about purpose, and how leading by example and making the right decisions that unlock this potential benefits the team, product, customers, partners and, consequently, the company. It is this purpose that motivates and inspires me every day. A key pillar of this human-centered approach is social impact — using the power of your resources to impact the global community, identifying causes that matter to you and your organization and making a commitment to make a long-term impact.

We have had a culture of giving since the inception of my company and now, as a more mature company, we want to use our network and resources to have an even more significant impact on the global community. We have a responsibility to leverage our product, resources, knowledge and reach to support the wonderful nonprofit organizations and social enterprises around the world that are using technology as a force for good. 

Technology is a powerful change agent — used for both good and bad — and it is all the more important that we use these powerful tools in the most beneficial ways possible. To unleash this potential, progress and prosperity, I strongly believe it starts with two core tenants: inclusivity and education. 

Embed inclusion. 

Inclusivity and accessibility elevate the human experience. I believe it is every organization’s responsibility to focus on more inclusive ways their technology can be used. 

With the product or service you create, it is important to go one step further and build inclusion into your technology itself, ensuring that it is not one-size-fits-all, but instead that it offers prosperity and advancement for everyone. Consider your products through the eyes of every possible customer. Are you thinking of individuals with disabilities or those without access to the internet or the proper tech devices? 

It all starts with embedding inclusivity into your organization on day one. Invest and cultivate diversity in all ways to have a more well-rounded organization, and be accepting of all backgrounds and diversity of thought — a diverse workforce provides broader perspectives, insights and opinions. As a globally distributed company, we have seen the value in hiring for talent, not location, which naturally unleashes a pool of talent that otherwise would not be available and helps to create a more diverse workforce.

With that being said, it is critical to ensure your distributed team does not feel isolated or struggle with collaboration and communication. Our team values are the backbone of our culture and keep us integrated. One of our team values (One Team, One Score) centers around winning together and losing together — team success always outweighs individual accomplishments, and we celebrate both. 

Multidirectional, transparent communication is key here and helps to build trust — open communication breeds inclusivity.

Education provides endless possibilities. 

Growing up, my mother always told me that “knowledge takes no space,” that we can store infinite amounts of it. With the understanding that education can jumpstart a new cycle of opportunity socially, economically, financially and culturally, I believe it is our duty to provide equal access to education for all. 

Education is very personal to me. I am the grandchild of immigrants who left Europe in between the World Wars. I grew up to understand the critical importance of both inclusion and education. My grandparents, who barely had any formal education, instilled the value of learning into my father and my mother and — through them — onto me. Two generations later, as a founder and leader of a high-growth, global technology company, I continually remind myself of my grandparents’ values and am thankful for what I have learned throughout my journey. 

It is important to think about how your organization can make an impact with your reach, support, knowledge and products or services, and how you can engage with world-changing agents and social enterprises that are advancing causes core to your organization’s values. Whether it be investing time to mentor and train someone in a specific field or skill set or donating your technology to give others the tools for more readily available access to learning, education comes in all forms and should be more accessible for all.   

By giving the power of education, we are investing in potential. People will be granted more opportunities and therefore create more innovation for our future. Extending our focus to supporting education for the next generation will set the global economy up for greater talent, diversity and expanse of ideas.

Imagine the impact if all CEOs, of companies large and small, dedicated their time and resources to affecting change and using technology as a force for good. Each of us can be part of the change we want to see, and I am hopeful for a bright future for the next generation of leaders. 

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