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Published on April 29th, 2019 📆 | 3223 Views ⚑


How to use Microsoft Teams, a demo tutorial (2019)

Learn everything you need to know about using Microsoft Teams in 15 minutes. Aya Tange from Microsoft Teams walks through the end-to-end user experiences with a full demo tutorial: from chat and collaboration to online meetings and calling capabilities. If you’re in IT, we also cover the core set of admin controls for managing Microsoft Teams.

This show was recorded at Microsoft Ignite | The Tour in Amsterdam.

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Have more questions, check out Aya’s Top 10 FAQ:


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27 Responses to How to use Microsoft Teams, a demo tutorial (2019)

  1. Who else is here because you're finishing the school year online and using Teams for meetings and assignments? I know I am.

  2. J. Fulmer says:

    I watched another video this morning that said when you schedule a meeting in Teams, this doesn't sync with Outlook. Those invited will not get a notification that a meeting has been scheduled. Is this correct?

  3. XGT Shadow says:

    My teacher sent me here for Corona learning

  4. cesteres says:

    Idk why my university isn't using this. Data privacy or price perhaps?

  5. Omg my teacher ..🙂

  6. Doron Bond says:

    Nice presentation. Quick note on scheduling meetings @8:22:

    In the latest version of Microsoft Teams (1.00.304460) "Meetings" is not in the navigation pane. In order to schedule a meeting you will have to do the following: (via

    There are several ways to schedule a meeting in Teams:

    -Select Schedule a meeting Schedule a meeting button in a chat (below the box where you type a new message) to book a meeting with the people in the chat.

    -Go to Calendar Meetings button on the left side of the app and select New meeting in the top right corner.

    -Select a range of time in the calendar. A scheduling form will pop open.

  7. TeachMe says:

    Great support video! This has been helpful when I have been collaborating with my fellow educators.

  8. Emz says:

    Who else came here cause their teacher sent the link?

  9. Loved this video. Love Teams!

  10. Hi there, can we join with 200 people/connections in same time?

  11. why don't i have the Meetings tab in my teams app ?

  12. Cris says:

    this is absolutely A-MA-ZING!

  13. Thank you for a very well-presented, very useful demo. We have a meeting in Teams this afternoon, and now I know how to participate properly. Good work!

  14. Sonia Sant says:

    Can we create breakout rooms in Microsoft teams?

  15. Our CEO just supported Teams – Yeah!! So, sorry to say it took a virus to get everyone's attention but I have to say this video will be passed along, excellent work guys!

  16. Loris93 says:

    coronavirus Edition!

  17. AM S says:

    Can it be accessed on any mobile?

  18. fnd237 says:

    Does Teams help with project management and workflow?

  19. Oryan says:

    Imagine working with someone who can only understand what you're saying through a translation feature of a chat app.

  20. i cannot find planner and power BI in my app. what app should i use to manage my project?

  21. Sue Tucker says:

    The transcription for video feature sounds incredible, can you also view the entire transcript? That way you could scroll through to decide if you need to see the video.

  22. Is it possible for me to add an external client to chat at Teams. I couldn't do it.

  23. Brian says:

    To the nice folks at Microsoft Mechanics, thank you so much for responding to comments with clear concise answers. It is extremely helpful to be able to compile comments into a knowledge base as you are learning how to best make use of a new technology.

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