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Published on May 27th, 2020 📆 | 6867 Views ⚑


HW News – AMD Zen Vulnerability, No More Blower, & Human Malware vs. PC Industry

Hardware news this week includes on-the-ground reporting on the human malware conditions in Taiwan (and the US), AMD Zen vulnerabilities, and more.
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HW News show notes:

Topics this show include:

– Hardware industry and its handling of human malware, including what it’s like in Taiwan and the US (based on first-party information)
– AMD gets its own side-channel vulnerabilities and joins Intel
– NVIDIA apparently using TSMC’s new CoWoS for Ampere GPUs
– AMD shifting away from blowers and toward dual-axial coolers
– Intel is still sore about that antitrust fine
– ISPs remove data caps during human malware pandemic
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Host, Reporting: Steve Burke
Editorial: Eric Hamilton
Video: Keegan Gallick

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28 Responses to HW News – AMD Zen Vulnerability, No More Blower, & Human Malware vs. PC Industry

  1. Mystical says:

    Load and Reload? Almost thought Steve was listing his favourite albums.

  2. taiiat says:

    goofing around with LN2 for Folding sounds like some good laughs! and helps pro.ote that people can currently contribute to solving the current problem!
    hope that if you guys do that, that you'll stream it, i want to watch 🙂

  3. i hope data caps just vanish from the face of the earth .. these abominations shouldnt even exist imo

  4. Weird how Google as well as China don't want people to talk about the corona virus. It's almost as if… nah, that couldn't be.

  5. Psychx says:

    Dual-/Triaxial coolers mean that likely we'll get some high-powerdraw parts. Hopefully with high CU counts and clockspeeds.

  6. Bamfhammer says:

    Metallica is out there creating CPU vulnerabilities. I look forward to the 'Kill 'Em All" and 'Master of Puppets' vulnerabilities which are to be discovered.

    I am surprised at the length of time this took as it seems since the inception of the PC we all knew about the 'Ride the Lightning' vulnerability as well as "Death Magnetic".

  7. Yeah, as if I'm going to believe Tom's Hardware about anything.

  8. I seen on the news charter cable is not allowing people to work from home.

  9. HariGtt says:

    From 16:00 to 16:13 you missed a [Human Malaware] tag

  10. Ew. Toms hardware. Id almost rather readit from the verge….

  11. AMD recommends washing your hands.

  12. Todd Fish says:

    Would a Bitcoin mining rig be helpful? Or is it a combination of CPU GPU performance?

  13. Fairness is a stupid concept where pandemics are concerned. Forcing people that don't need to be there to come to work means more people exposed, which means more infected coming in contact with one another. That means there's a higher chance of a worker who DOES need to be there coming in contact with an infected person and then spreading it to the others at work. Reducing exposure in any way will slow the spread to everyone, not just the ones who get to stay home.

  14. Nob ody says:

    DO NOT OVERCLOCK FOR [email protected] Errors in the wu could render it a time waster for the sim and the med experts. Its official.

  15. Watch out for scooters!

  16. gx toast says:

    Which companies are the beneficiaries of the Folding initiative? Maybe the pharma companies getting free compute?

  17. J W says:

    Way to use the corona virus for clicks. what an asshole.

  18. brucethen says:

    Lol we were all wrong when we said we didn't like the blower coolers, reminds me of J. Allen Brack " You think you do but you don't"

  19. Jfat69 says:

    The latest hardware available used to make a blurry background…

  20. What I don't understand is only on your videos along with a few others that don't seem to show ads. Go black on video with audio continuing. I don't believe this is hardware as it's all your vids that do it.

  21. Mr xXx says:

    Virus made by chinese government for the protests, same thing happened in iran also, countries where people hates their dictators

  22. im going to miss the blower cooler, its the only type that works in oem cases or servers.

  23. blu3fan says:

    Gn- I work for one of said ISP's and I can tell you – if you live in a large city. congestion is probly not a thing. but these country bumpkin ass towns with their bad/destroyed infrastructure due to environmental issues. the throttling/over utilization is real

  24. McNea says:

    nothing more advanced then the 3D structure of proteins/enzymes. That crazy structure you pictured has a physical function in the body due to geometric configuration and binding. The folding you do with your GPU determines the geometric similarities in cell components; as well as rending the super complex 3D structure to determine where drugs, enzymes, chmicals, etc. bind in the cells of the body.

  25. Guys … it's just Low depth of field with wide open

    Maybe F2.8 in this case.

    Large aperture = Small f-number = Shallow (small) depth of field

    Isn´t Chroma Key!

  26. Taiwan's beauty is clearly outmatched by that Flowing Mane™️

  27. Grothag says:

    Dude. Get a haircut.

  28. For the people who won't stop posting "stay safe," we're all doing great, we're healthy, and we are not affected by the situation. None of us are concerned and it's business as usual. No one is sick and Taiwan has a great record anyway, so it's much safer than the US right now. Please stop worrying about us — you might as well worry about us getting hit by a scooter, as that's way more likely. Next factory tour is the Bitspower water block manufacturing facility! Factory tour playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDLwg78CBW4&list=PLsuVSmND84QuVMZuk2HGUtCSYXR7nmC5a&index=1
    Support GN's on-the-ground reporting in Taiwan: https://www.patreon.com/gamersnexus or https://store.gamersnexus.net/
    HW News show notes: https://www.gamersnexus.net/news-pc/3563-hw-news-human-malware-vs-pc-amd-zen-vulnerability

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