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IBM Cognos Controller 10.3.0/10.3.1/10.4.0/10.4.1 weak encryption

CVSS Meta Temp Score Current Exploit Price (≈)
2.6 $5k-$25k

A vulnerability has been found in IBM Cognos Controller 10.3.0/10.3.1/10.4.0/10.4.1 (Business Process Management Software) and classified as problematic. Affected by this vulnerability is an unknown function. The manipulation with an unknown input leads to a weak encryption vulnerability. The CWE definition for the vulnerability is CWE-311. As an impact it is known to affect confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

The weakness was published 09/17/2019. The advisory is shared at This vulnerability is known as CVE-2019-4175 since 01/03/2019. The exploitation appears to be difficult. Neither technical details nor an exploit are publicly available. The price for an exploit might be around USD $5k-$25k at the moment (estimation calculated on 09/18/2019). It is expected to see the exploit prices for this product increasing in the near future.

There is no information about possible countermeasures known. It may be suggested to replace the affected object with an alternative product.

Similar entry is available at 141924.




VulDB Meta Base Score: 2.6
VulDB Meta Temp Score: 2.6

VulDB Base Score: ≈2.6
VulDB Temp Score: ≈2.6
VulDB Vector: 🔒
VulDB Reliability: 🔍

VulDB Base Score: 🔒
VulDB Temp Score: 🔒
VulDB Reliability: 🔍
Class: Weak encryption (CWE-311)
Local: Yes
Remote: No

Availability: 🔒
Status: Not defined

Price Prediction: 🔍
Current Price Estimation: 🔒

Threat Intelligenceinfoedit

Threat: 🔍
Adversaries: 🔍
Geopolitics: 🔍
Economy: 🔍
Predictions: 🔍
Remediation: 🔍Recommended: no mitigation known

0-Day Time: 🔒

01/03/2019 CVE assigned
09/17/2019 +257 days Advisory disclosed
09/18/2019 +1 days VulDB entry created
09/18/2019 +0 days VulDB last updateVendor:

Confirmation: 🔒

CVE: CVE-2019-4175 (🔒)
See also: 🔒

Created: 09/18/2019 11:17 AM
Complete: 🔍


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