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Identity Finder: Software Security vs. Data Security

Holistic data security is when people and technology work together to protect customers and intellectual property. Data security is not a software product. Data Security is an attitude and a corporate culture where people know what information they need to protect. Data Security is when people know where the sensitive information is stored. And Data Security is when people have the right tools and training to protect sensitive information.
The built-in security of a software program is designed to let authorized people in, and keep unauthorized people out. But authorized employees regularly export information outside the application just to do their jobs. Once the information is outside the application, it can be saved, copied, emailed, printed, posted, stored, backed up and shared with any number of people. After it’s been copied to multiple places, malicious outsiders can more easily steal the information.
Application security is important, but insufficient. No software program can protect information once it’s been exported.
Identity Finder will search for all of the unauthorized copies of sensitive data across your entire network and give you the tools to delete the data. This can save you tens of thousands of dollars in audit and compliance costs.
Identity Finder does in-depth searches of your data where it’s stored. Identity Finder will search your hard drive and show you all of the locations with sensitive data.

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