Videos India’s Vulnerabilities / Dr Subramanian Swamy

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India’s Vulnerabilities / Dr Subramanian Swamy

Dr Swamy is not concerned about India’s population expansion despite the rapid automation of work. On the issue of India becoming a digital colony, he is confident of India’s talent. His concern is over Indian elites selling out to the Americans for the sake of securing their children’s’ education & careers.

Expectations of Modi by Dr. Swamy

India’s Relations with USA & China / Dr Subramanian Swamy

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भारत की दुर्बलताएं / डॉ सुब्रमण्यम स्वामी

डॉ स्वामी कार्यों के तेजी से स्वचालन होने पर भी भारत की जनसंख्या वृद्धि के बारे में चिंतित नहीं हैं | भारत के डिजिटल उपनिवेश बनने के विषय पर, उन्हें भारत की प्रतिभा पर भरोसा है | उनकी चिंता भारतीय अभिजात वर्ग के लोग हैं जो अपने बच्चों की शिक्षा और करियर को सुरक्षित करने के लिए अमेरिकियों के हाथों बिक रहे हैं |

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47 Responses to India’s Vulnerabilities / Dr Subramanian Swamy

  1. Reservation, the minority benefits , subsidies are the problem.

  2. sr Mohanty says:

    A cultural revolution is not going to come if people of this country keep voting islamists, communists and missionaries. Vote modi.
    Then we have to build pressure on modi to help in bringing cultural revolution

  3. Swamy didn't succumb to the media break party tactics. Some parents bring fame but kids bring shame like Desai. These corrupt media guys sell their keth & kin & nation for money. So these traitors like previous govt ran by night club waitress. Indian media is most corrupted & sold out to oil & church money. Most of them are traitors to break India. My farm guy says that he would vote for king of corruption & communualist, Karunanidhi party because he got Rs. 60 worth of TV & similar things quite often from karuna party but Modi gave him Rs. 6 lakh to contruct a home only once & not interested in Modi's long term great policies, Nationalism, etc. Every time it happens that BJP works hard & honestly creates treasure. Khangress & its loot associates come to power offering freebies to loot for next 10 yrs. BJP should have offered loan waiver for farmers instead of returning loan taken & looted by UPA FROM THE WORLD BANK. Crooks should be handled in the most crooked way to save this nation. Ghandhiam does not work. Vajpayee did the same blunder. Barbaric tribal invaders, cunning British, Khangress & its loot associates, barbaric communists, intellectual traitors enslaved Indians & made them beggars by freebies to come to power & loot. Modi & his team are doing great job but to bring back golden days & save this great culture. But the loot gang headed by Khangress offers freebies & probagates lies to come to power & loot. Enslaved Indians with begging mentality are vulnerable to these evil elements. Very unfortunate! Patriotic Indians wake up & vote with ur family to save this great nation & its culture & get back golden days.

  4. Exactly my thoughts.

  5. rajesh3473 says:

    India need one child policy for next 20 years. If Swami thinks population is not a problem then his intelligence is questionable.

  6. Harsha D says:

    Kannada subtitles ? .
    Excellent work sir , huge thanks to those valuable efforts .
    I'll be able to share the video with very large community now .
    Majority of people in Karnataka are super patriotic and thanks to you Rajiv Ji , they have a lot more to learn .

  7. I think Swamiji not getting power of statistics and formula of predictions. Yes there will be people who will be needed for the AI based work service but they will not be more than 2 – 5 % of what the employment is today. And gradually those service cost will start decreasing. It's a ticking time bomb for governments around the world. Lefts are going to welcome it (not Indian lefts, who I don't think behave like one). Though I do not like the idea of free medical, free transportation (except free education till class 12 and free medical for below people below 18 years, and who are physically challenged), but reality is, if AI is going to be applied, Govt either should tax those company and pay humans for their living or it will end up in chaos. We have seen in history what happens when people are hungry.

  8. awaknis1635 says:

    I dont agree with Dr. Swamy on this. India is heading towards a demographic disaster. India has missed the demographic dividend bus. Average age will be 29 in 2020.This population is not mouldable. Fitness is also bad. I see Indians saying they have become old in 30s!!! Without education, fitness, discipline, civic sense, risk taking appetite, out of box thinking, honesty, the youth population is a huge liability.

  9. swami jee missed the topic. india is not good om IT. we r just labour based IT company rather product

  10. Sunrisers says:

    Excess Population,
    Excess futile debates,
    Excess freedom,
    Excess Democracy,
    Excess leniency of chalta hi attitude,
    Excess irreligiousity in Hindus that they forgot their History, Identity
    coupled with
    Excess Demographical shift
    Would kill Bharat/India.

    If we continue to ignore the danger signals, Bharat would die and India gets colonised if not geographically, digitally for sure.

  11. I was looking for the answer to the first question.I am delighted to see RajivJi asking .

  12. Swamy is the robinhood of indian politics……..

  13. Vishnu R says:

    Swamiji confuses ai with robotics.

  14. That social media point is what must be highly watched. We Indian didn't care about our privacy. We are in the need of our own social media.

  15. Education about family management is necessary and gender equality.. with that also very important.

  16. I have been saying this for almost 2 years….Bharat needs its own version of computer architecture and programmes …recently SHAKTI processor was built by IIT Madras but was collaborated later with US scientists ….why can't we go solo in everything ……the threat is so big to us ….Google knows everything about a person …his or her behavioral patterns …political inclination …personal lives …biometric details …just everything …..there has to be a broader debate on this issue by the most knowledgeable persons in this field

  17. Chilarai says:

    Slowly creeping up on the rot in our political and bureaucratic class that has made "jugaad" for personal gain using national resources into an accepted practice, one that may even be envied and emulated. There is only so much that the average man on the street will take given today's extensive coverage of these things and his daily life is hell due to these same govt employees who think "public servant" means the public is the servant. This is a hidden political grenade and must be addressed head on by BJP/Modi and show tangible results.

  18. Suraj Dip says:

    India is very vulnerable. No point papering over the crack. India is only a third of China, a third of America, a third of Canada, half of Australia (half desert though) etc etc. Population explosion is seriously rampant and specially Muslim population (most are illeterates). India is becoming a country like many types of snakes in a small pit trampling and fanging one another for a space.70 % of the people don't have a clue about the seriousness of the teaming population explosion nor they care because of the rampant illeteracy accross the country. Indias future is grim and because of the years of neglect and poor planning India will collapse on herself in the next 25 years. It will be redivided in 3 parts,Hindus, Muslims and Christians. Please go into the interior of the country and you will see and understand what I am talking about having travelled across the country. Look at the number of states where there is already majority Muslim population. Muslims are fully engaged in volumanising their population with one objective in mind to accomplish Gazewa e Hind and darul Islam through population expansion programme(4 to 5 wives). Christians are fully engaged in conversion to build their population base. How can India survive when the country doesn't even have a uniform law to govern its people. One law for Hindus and another for muslims. What a farce. As for Hindus, majority of Hindus aram ke nind so rahe hai. Jab gagate hai to bas roti kapada aur makan hi nazar ata hai. Desh aur desh ka bhavish nahi. Sab bas hak maang rahe hai chaahye desh ko kuch diya ya nahi magar unka hak hona chaahiye kisi bhi kimat par. Bharat ke jadatar log kabhi desh bhagat the nahi aur na hone wale hai. Mast hai apani us vishwaaas me ki unki sankhya badi hai aur Hindu samaj ko kuch nahi hone wala. Hindu jage nahi to ek murdah samaj ho jayaga. Malhotra ji aap ke samaan crore Hindu hona chaahiye tab Bharat, Bharat rahe payega. Dekh Modiji ke saath kya bartao ho raha hai.Modiji gaya to Bharat bhi gaya. Ye mera janana hai.

  19. RKDM says:

    I think youtube should thanks Rajiv Malhotra for this video upload. Don't know why this was uploaded ?

  20. Nitin Sharma says:

    Why doesn't Modi listen to Dr. Swamy? Why isn't he in his cabinet? Unelectable idiots are occupying important portfolios.

  21. Stop Islamic population Bumb, it will destroy Hindu, it destroyed every Country Islam went and will bring chaos all over the country, moslem dont obey any law except Sharia and Terror Hindu > Asmani kitan kya kehti hay >
    >Ishaq:578 "Crushing the heads of the infidels and splitting their skulls with sharp swords, we continually thrust and cut at the enemy. Blood gushed from their deep wounds as the battle wore them down. We conquered bearing the Prophet's fluttering war banner. Our cavalry was submerged in rising dust, and our spears quivered, but by us the Prophet gained victory."

    Ishaq:587 "Our onslaught will not be a weak faltering affair.

    We shall fight as long as we live.

    We will fight until you turn to Islam, humbly seeking refuge.

    We will fight not caring whom we meet.

    We will fight whether we destroy ancient holdings or newly gotten gains.

    We have mutilated every opponent.

    We have driven them violently before us at the command of Allah and Islam.

    We will fight until our religion is established.

    And we will plunder them, for they must suffer disgrace."

  22. we need toreflect our identity which is vedic culture — culture based on knowledge of mortal and immortal over economic system based on 4 varnas ( skills needed to run society ) and vedas sacredness of nature and life As nature keeps its balance we can keep our balance force used by foreign ideas to produce / do not produce is not the solution for balance society we should adopt our vedic ( universal principles) in economics political and social order ( sanatan hindu dharma ) let foreign ideas be heard and discussed but never allow them to rule over us because they came here with violence to subjugate us.

  23. But population control is necessary avoid explosion

  24. amit dusange says:

    Looks like dr. swamy the politician is talking not an economist. Also, all the concerned contributors are Hindus and not from other background, very concerning. Does it mean that the population should keep on increasing? very loose stmt and analysis.

  25. Aadhar cards has certainly made life easy for basic services like getting passports, regn for govt programs on employment etc.

    Migration appears to be more a problem than population explosion. It’s so easy for Rohingyas to settle in Tamil Nadu.

    Disagree that Bharat is over open society – the fact that corruption is rampant is proof of hidden ugly facts

  26. Sunil Kapoor says:

    Grt ppl r talking. I HV no words except. God bless them.

  27. Mr rajiv malhotra. .the need of the hour for a highly evolved patriot like you is to motivate mr PM to upgrade. . Show some progress in fixing vvip corrupt people. . Reduce taxes ..make common man's life a little easier. . MAKE AN EXCLUSIVE VIDEO FOR HIM. THE NEED OF THE HOUR FOR PM TO RETAIN PUBLIC CONFIDENCE AND THUS POWER. YOU ARE RIGHT PERSON

  28. LK Kandpal says:

    India is free for all. We are digitally, mentally and intellectually enslaved.

  29. Aviram Vijh says:

    Disagree on the population issue. We can accomodate only 200 million people given our land and water resources.

  30. The biggest impediment to Bhaarath's progress is the rapidly expanding Islamic population. I know that this is a very politically incorrect statement.. but this is the harsh truth. The Wahabi influence is growing exponentially in all parts of the country, esp in the South in AP, Telengana, Karnataka, Kerala, and TN. Just look at the recent arrests by the NIA. All the progress made by Hindu Bhaarath and those minority progressive minded Muslims will come to a zero in coming decades if the Muslim population crosses 30%. Unfortunately, wherever the Muslim population crosses this number, the Mullahs in the mosques do not allow progress anywhere and neither do they allow anyone (including Muslims themselves) to be in peace. There will be an constant atmosphere of fatwas, threats, and violence and progress and development becomes impossible. See how Pakistan and Bangladesh and Maldives have bankrupted themselves because of the slovenly policies of radical Islam. Other than the impacts of Global Warming and Climate Change, radical Islam is also a serious threat to the planet.

  31. Indian vulnerabilities are congress party.

  32. Vaidy Bala says:

    Population and Pollution (material and corruption) are the heavyweights tilting the balance. Unless all stakeholders pull this together no improvements are possible. Rest of the world actually benefits of this chaos!

  33. Peace Love says:


  34. India should heavily invest in reviving ancient indian technology and mind sciences and ayurveda
    we should develop a strong cultural identity which has been long lost in this country past 200 years
    reving ancient indian methods of economics governance and politics will surely put this country right back on track
    but to do this is not an easy task it is as tough as it sounds
    firstly we should try to remove this myth from the youth that western way of life is the only path to modernism
    i mean china japan are still rooted in their ancient customs and are still very modern so whats is stopping india from doing so
    lastly this all political parties like congress, bjp, etc etc. should be removed
    we need a union of highly intelligent indians who actually care about india and it's culture and promote indian culture in a more scientific and positive light
    this is the only solution to devlop indias grand narrative

  35. Muslims 10 children per family is more responsible for population growth
    bitter but true

  36. elaichiChai says:

    Population control should be even across religions. 20% Muslim mark is a catalyst for disaster.

  37. Industralization will die soon

  38. Very true we r 2 open society time is culture reformation, education reform to change mindset

  39. lasku0007 says:

    If population control measures are applied, I have no doubt it will be disproportionately applied to hindus, given the history of our country. Our bureaucracy is riddled with leftist elements. So before applying any such measures, think about cleaning up the leftist filth from our institutions first.

  40. lasku0007 says:

    Sir social media platforms including youtube are heavily 'shadow banning' anything that is right leaning or nationalist. Just go search for the trailer of "the accidental prime minister". The top search results are all that of left's and lutyen's whining about this trailer. You already know how they limit the exposure of the tweets by TRUEINDOLOGY on twitter. The guy is a goldmine of information about indian history. This is happening on a massive scale and no one seems to be bothered about it. I'm already banned on twitter for speaking openly about abrahamic religions. This happens only to right leaning users. This might have effects on the coming lok sabha elections and hindu cause in general.

  41. Shangrilaa says:

    But population is a problem!!!!! Where do you think resources will come from sir????? It will become real difficult for the upcoming generation, if you don't want the youth to go out then stop population expansion and stop immigration!!!!we don't want more people in our country, we are already having enough!!!!!

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