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Indicators, Services, and Best Practices Security Conference

“Cyber Threat Intelligence” (CTI) is the next topic of discussion for Taborda Solutions’ Government virtual event security series.

Feb 17
By Taborda Solutions

Wednesday February 24th 2021


Cyber Intelligence is often treated as an afterthought; an unobtainable level of capability and maturity reserved only for those industries with the most cash or most stringent regulatory requirements. But it shouldn’t be, and, more importantly, it doesn’t have to be. In this discussion we will flip the script and, with the help of our cyber security partners, demonstrate that making intelligence-informed IT risk mitigating decisions is not only critical, but achievable. It is one of the components of a security program that is most often misunderstood and underutilized, therefore, while an unusual approach, our education efforts will be putting CTI front and center. We will leverage this concept of risk-based solutioning and instrumentation to drive the next series of conversations and presentations.
In this month’s series, we have four sessions that will detail the breadth and depth of cyber intelligence offerings.

Taborda Solutions own Security Strategy Manager, Britt Barnes, will detail our “Intelligence Preparation of the Cyber Environment”. An iterative process for driving risk mitigation strategy and institutional change based upon threat analysis.
FireEye will discuss their own strategic security capabilities and subsequent offerings with an emphasis on the value of finished intelligence reporting and how to gain access to it.
Palo Alto Networks will describe how their operational platform is made better and more effective through the application of the efforts of their internal intelligence capability, Unit 42.
Recorded Future will detail the need for intelligence support for security analysts and how their offerings can provide tangible security advantages to their customers through the application of tactical intelligence.

Register Here We look forward to having you join us. If you have any questions about this event or our 2021 series, please contact [email protected]

By Taborda Solutions
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