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Published on March 7th, 2021 📆 | 1894 Views ⚑


Influencer Marketing: Biggest changes that you should expect

Influencer marketing has come a long way from being limited to only a few creators and platforms, to becoming a billion-dollar industry in 2020. The marketing strategy displays no sign of slouching this year, it for the next few years to come. That being said the marketing approach has shifted from merely stating facts and figures to a more organic approach that helps prospective buyers get to know the product. Here are a few changes that will be visible in influencer marketing this year.


Legitimate Content
Influencer marketing is ineffective if you just throw the product at a bunch of creators with large clout. Without targeting the niche of the product, even the biggest influencer marketing campaigns fail after a few months. It is not 2016 anymore and the audience does not impulsively buy a product because the influencers say so. They want the product deep down and it the only reason that can compel them to go for it.

Phony content with immense focus on just the advertisement of the product is a hollow strategy from the start. With so many similar products to compete with, you cannot get by using a few lines with rephrased words. Influencers need to put the product to thorough testing and then come with their opinions about the product. Also, there should be concrete proof that the product indeed works as it claims and where does it fall short.

One take videos
Editing out the sweet bits of the video might result in vivid content but that does little for the credibility of the product. One-take videos will become the center of attraction where influencers prove their statements by using the product in real-time. It may seem a bit flashy at the start but every interested buyer’s decision rests upon the effectiveness of the product. If the eyes see what they desire, the campaign will become a success.

Videos will become Powerful
Videos are a medium to relay information about the product in a way that no other visual medium can achieve. Photography is good to present the product in good light, but videography illustrates its actual nature. Be it short clips or long, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, every application is build to present videos to the audience. Even live stream campaigns that feature the influencers openly discussing the product and its use, can convert into overwhelming sale responses.

Small players will share the spotlight
The mistake that many strategists make is the incorporation of only big influencers for a campaign. I agree that the numbers are big and exciting, but that doesn’t guarantee a giant response in sales. The small influencers aka those with less clout have higher engagement and close connection with their followers. Think of it as a tight-knit group of like-minded consumers that will try your product or service if it is promoted by their favorite influencer. Also, big influencers are seen promoting identical products every few days and have even less credibility.

New platforms
TikTok remained the highlight of the year 2020. It became so popular that major players like Instagram released similar features for short clips when TikTok was caught in the legal battle. YouTube shorts are also becoming popular for teasing new content and updates on the platform. I expect the alternatives to grow in number and hope that we can have something for everyone. TikTok will remain on the mantle in 2021 if it is able to resolve the persistent legal matters that are affected its access in many countries.

I summed up a few changes for influencer marketing in 2021 but there can be even more than that. Influencer marketing is the thing of tomorrow that has a place for everyone, celebrities, social media creators, athletes, and many more.

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