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Published on March 24th, 2021 📆 | 3550 Views ⚑


(IN)SECURE Magazine issue 68 released

(IN)SECURE Magazine is a free digital security publication discussing some of the hottest information security topics. Issue 68 has been released today. It’s a free download, no registration required.

Table of contents

Physical cyber threats: What do criminals leave when they break in?
Review: Group-IB Fraud Hunting Platform
The transportation sector needs a standards-driven, industry-wide approach to cybersecurity
Tips for boosting the “Sec” part of DevSecOps
When it comes to vulnerability triage, ditch CVSS and prioritize exploitability
Homomorphic encryption: Myths and misconceptions
How to motivate employees to take cybersecurity seriously
Enable secure remote workspaces without trashing your entire IT infrastructure
Protecting productivity within the disappearing perimeter
Closing the data divide: How to create harmony among data scientists and privacy advocates
Database encryption: Protecting the crown jewels
Can we put a stop to cyber harassment?
Preparing for the CMMC onslaught
For SOC teams, the analytics and automation hype is real
Three ways MITRE ATT&CK can improve your organizational security

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