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Published on March 2nd, 2021 📆 | 2749 Views ⚑


Instagram Live Rooms: A four-person collab platform?

Instagram launched its new Live Rooms feature in the mobile application that lets you go live with other participants. If you are familiar with the concept of Instagram Live, you will find Live Rooms to just be an extension of that. Instagram Live allowed up to two participants to simultaneously come together in a live stream and interact with their audience. Now with Live Rooms, the capacity has been increased to up to four participants. I’m not sure if Instagram thought about the commotion that would be caused if four people shout together on a live stream. They are branding the Live Rooms feature to be a boon for creators, influencers that rely on the visual medium to interact with their fans.


Instagram reiterated that live streaming as a group wasn’t that necessary until the pandemic. With most influencers stuck in their loft and unable to go out and meet their fans, the Live Rooms will be a lifesaver. Not only they can connect with their fans but also bring in their team members on the stream and interact with the audience as a group. Instagram also emphasized the volatile nature of employment that has set many creators into bankruptcy.

To mitigate this, Instagram introduced badges that can be purchased by the followers or the live audience. The badges pit the comments of the users in the spotlight for a certain period so that the creator, as well as the audience, notices you. The pricing tier of the badges varies according to the creator and is a means to show appreciation for the craft. Instagram is increasingly focusing on creating numerous monetization streams for creators such as Shopping and Live Fundraisers, which were launched a few months ago. There is no audio support for the audience yet but Instagram is working on the moderator and the audio front as well.

Is it necessary?
I’ll be slightly diplomatic here. It isn’t but is necessary. Doesn’t make any sense, right? Instagram labels it as a useful feature for professionals that run their business using visual mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp. Instagram Live Rooms focuses more on the crafts that cannot do without visual interaction. From beauty bloggers, fitness instructors, musicians, chefs, activists, and even infotainment relied on Instagram Live to converse with their audience. The word creativity was used too many times by Instagram, as you all know what kind of creativity lurks on IGTV and Instagram Live. Apparently, it was a much-requested feature by the users, so Instagram thought of expanding the Instagram Live to Live Rooms.


If you want to check out the feature update your Instagram application and follow the steps mentioned below.

  • To start a Live Room for your audience – do it like you earlier did to open the Live camera.
  • After that add a suitable title for your live stream and tap the new Rooms icon to add your guests.
  • The people who have earlier requested to join your stream, are displayed by default. A search bar is also present for searching your guests.
  • Start a Live Room and add up to three more guests, simultaneously or after a slight break to build up enthusiasm.

Apart from this, Instagram also provides the moderators to block nuisance creators and violaters that are disturbing the sanctity of the live stream. Comment filters are also available so that moderators can stop comments related to a particular topic. The update is not released globally, as of writing this post. Do leave your views on what you think of the new Live Rooms feature and its actual use in a creator’s life.

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