Install Kali Linux 2019.3 in Dual Boot with Windows 10 on a Laptop – EASY Step-by-Step Tutorial! – Digitalmunition

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Published on November 22nd, 2019 📆 | 7978 Views ⚑


Install Kali Linux 2019.3 in Dual Boot with Windows 10 on a Laptop – EASY Step-by-Step Tutorial!

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50 Responses to Install Kali Linux 2019.3 in Dual Boot with Windows 10 on a Laptop – EASY Step-by-Step Tutorial!

  1. Hello brother @Ceos3c i did exactly you explain in the video but my setup show failed select and install error i tried it 5-6 time but facing the same problem so please help me out from this

  2. Great video, clear instructions. Thanks

  3. Studio x says:

    does it work for PC or just laptop's? I have on my Vmware but its to slow!

  4. Pressing shift key and clicking on restart button will also put you to uefi settings and boot menu

  5. Relic Soul says:

    does this still works without formatting my windows?

  6. I have created a drive of 25gb but it's not showing free space.

  7. I got error like this "unable to install grub on dummy" what should i do?

  8. RazoR Luca says:

    I have a GPT partition laptop …did I need to make a bootable usb using Gpt or Mbr partition ? Means if this bootable pendrive works on my computer tough I have a GPT partition and you select MBR in partition scheme ?

  9. Barry Bebe says:

    Does this work with window 7

  10. gutsngames says:

    2k20 version doesn't work by ur steps

  11. Can you please do a tutorial on how to enable WiFi on Kali Linux? It seems to be a recurrent issue. There are many tutorials about it out there, I tried a few and messed up the boot system, I end up reinstalling Windows and Kali.

    Finally! I got it right in my second try. Excellent!
    Thank you very much!
    The first time I end up with a very basic version of Kali with no GUI, I tried to install the missing interfaces with no success so I decided to format the partition and reinstall Kali, this time with a wired internet connection and it went through wonderfully, it even took me very long because I selected almost all the options.
    Win10 and Kali working perfectly.
    Keep it up! Your tutorials rock!

  13. zom bie says:

    thanks …but wifi is not working .any fix?

  14. big thanks to you. i went for it without any tutorial and almost scrwed up things. 😄

  15. Bro its not showing kali linux boot menu.. its booting to Windows as normal..plzz help

  16. AntNetwork says:

    It sais when going to the boot menu " Invalid sigmature detected. Check secure Boot policy in setup".

  17. Can i install kali on same usb instead my ssd?

  18. I think that defeats the whole purpose of showing people how to do something but warn them beforehand that they should already know what their doing or else it can break the computer. Well if we knew what we were doing I wouldn't be watching this video . Your tattoos are really awesome could you upload a pattern ?

  19. This version looks way better than the one that starts with a black screen where you have to hit "root," then "password" (which you can't even see!) then "startx." I dunno, there's something about that MSDOS screen that frightens me. Would you recommend this version for Penetration Testing?

  20. I cannot install my amd Vega 8 drivers in Kali Linux.

  21. "USB device has been blocked by the current security policy" I even disabled the secure boot option from BIOS. What can be done?

  22. I tried several installation process by far the only one that worked is this process, Thank you

  23. IQcodec says:

    the network inferface is not detected

  24. how to fix "the missing firmware file are : rtl_nic/rtl8106e-1.fw

  25. Which laptop are u using? I'm confused which laptop to buy for dual booting,plzz suggest mi some laptops near to 60k for smooth dual boot

  26. POUI says:

    Aaaand I destroyed my windows boot manager in the process, I already love linux xD

    gotta try again slower

  27. Maro Nau says:

    Bei mir wird der usb stick n ur auf 400kb runtergekürzt und erscheint nicht i boot menu

  28. Code Clock says:

    Real men don't back up their data 😂😂😂

  29. HFE 72 says:

    Why You choose in Rufus "Partition scheme = MBF", if BIOS is UEFI?

  30. Missing firmware 9000 wifi 😥😥😥

  31. Look you probably won’t see this but once I install kali and it reboots my computer normally I try to boot it up but it just puts me back thru installation and another problem I can’t access normal windows anymore

  32. Thank you brother. Your video is effective me.

  33. Thank you…by showing my appreciation I subscribed for future videos and I also gave u a thumbs up 😊… coming all the way from Jamaica ✌

  34. Worked out perfectly in 2020 use kali linux 32/64bit Installer

  35. but its only showing command line of kali it has no interface

  36. bro i installed kali linux didn't brightness working but parrot OS brightness working whats the problem please tell me…….

  37. I guess this isn't only for laptop and it works for PC too, right?

  38. PayMyPal says:

    I cant see my free space there, help me

  39. why can't my x240 dual boot using GPT mode, always GRUB-DUMMY 🙁

  40. Ceos3c says:

    for Acer and uefi, you have to set the file in the bios or you wont get grub.

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