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Published on February 12th, 2020 📆 | 7515 Views ⚑


Install Kali Linux 2020.1 on a Laptop – Foolproof Step-by-Step Guide!

Quite a lot of things have changed in the new Kali 2020.1 installer, we cover the whole installation routine on a Laptop. Follow along!

If your USB drive gets messed up, here’s how to fix it:

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34 Responses to Install Kali Linux 2020.1 on a Laptop – Foolproof Step-by-Step Guide!

  1. iLLest Tv says:

    This literally the only video thats helped me. Jesus Christ. Great Tutorial.

  2. TheDicker says:

    Great Video! Thank you a lot, 5 stars!
    It worked perfectly here.

  3. Lime47 says:

    what laptop are you using?

  4. When I try to apply the partition changes to the disk a get this error: "Error informing the kernel about modification to partition /dev/mmcblk0p1-Device or resource busy."
    Please help me if you can,I would be very grateful.

  5. Hey. I installed kali linux and it doesn’t turn on wifi please help

  6. i have installed kali linux but the wireless is not installed , how to install wireless driver ?

  7. Ok I have installed it properly and everything is working Fine.
    I installed it as Dual Boot with Windows 10.
    But I can't access the Hard Disk in which Windows is installed. It shows me a message Like this :–
    Authentication is required to mount TOSHIBA DT01ACA100 (/dev/sdb6)

    Any solution??!!

  8. V0ID says:

    this new kali is so trash

  9. i am trying to install kali but every time when i am into select and install software windows my laptop is getting shut down automatically . This is happening all the time so i couldn't complete the installation. Can anyone give me a solution?

  10. Help me bro because my software is deleted and bios setup is lock
    Help me out

  11. For some reason on my Acer Aspire 3 17,3 -51 it won't detect my SSD at all. Even if I removed windows originally from the SSD but nothing, doesn't detect it. Have tried many things yet nothing figured. Any help is much appreciated! 🙂

  12. how about your wlan device? can it work with internet?

  13. Brother
    Kali GNU /Linux rolling kali tty1
    Please help me i can't solve this error 😢 for last week's
    Everything has been formed
    I am from Pakistan

  14. Kamil Usak says:

    Hey… u forgot to tell everyone to switch booting mode to safety disable… i had a problem with that for a long time, until i figured it out…

  15. jomari LOL says:

    Dude huhuhu sorry i did not know that you have a 2020 video on this thing😢 i used the 2019 video that you made to install the 2020 kali huhuhu help!!!. Is it safe or is it ok??? Reply asap😭😭😭😭

  16. Sir I never got the option of graphical install

  17. HFE 72 says:

    Why choice in Rufus "Partition scheme" is MBR, not GPT?

  18. kwt ipod says:

    not compatible with this signal fix laptop

  19. I only have the pendrive partition.Should i choose that?

  20. Bitzy Boo says:

    Why does it keep saying “access to the device is denied.” This is right when I hit the last “OK” in the process ( 3:35 ). I don’t know why it keeps saying I can’t access my USB, so can anyone help?

  21. dude i had problem with rtl 8821ce there is no wirless can you help me>

  22. Aswin says:

    I dnt have any cables…can i connect pc to a wifi environment

  23. the3lusive says:

    It doesn't work. I inserted the ethernet cable and kali was not able to detect the connection, I continued to install without connecting to the net. It says it installed xfce desktop but when I log in the shell "startx" doesn't work. Wireless isn't detected by kali, even if I look up "ifconfig" wlan0 is not there and I cannot put the interface up. How do I enable the wireless ?

  24. if i want to install it as Dual-boot can i use the same steps except at Partition disks i go for manual and choose free space etc?

  25. just a note, it s better to do: "apt update & apt dist-upgrade" instead of apt upgrade

  26. How much gigabyte it took while network installation

  27. Waiting sir
    And requesting you sir
    Can you explain how to install the Linux or any OS in usb how we can use were ever we need to use .. I mean portable…..can you explain sir

  28. I hope you will address the issue of wireless adapters. As in how to enable them if the distro is unable to detect them.

  29. I want to change my mac to a full working boot linux. So, for that which distro should i use? I have some basic on linux(Kali,parrto). This i like the most. Can you help me to pick one i want use that distro for my FYP2 ( final year project Bachelor in computer science)

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