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Published on February 15th, 2021 📆 | 3648 Views ⚑


iPhone 13: Rumour Roundup

Max Weinbach surely has a secret gateway to the R&D headquarters of many smartphone brands, as most of the leaks published by him come to life with the release. In a recent leak of the specifications and design of the newest, to-be-released iteration of the iPhone, namely the iPhone 13, Max pointed out a few changes that will increase the user experience on the next iPhone. Matte black variant will be receiving a textured overhaul to make the slippery back more gripping than ever. The ceramic shield on the iPhone 12 compelled most users to opt for a case and that made the device bulky than ever. The design of the iPhone 12 is flat on the sides making it stand tall, although I don’t think it is a feature that is needed in a smartphone. The iPhone 4 design continues with the iPhone 12 and will most likely be the same for iPhone 13 as well. The flat sides and rounded corners are here to stay and help make it structurally robust than ever. There is a recent patent registered by Apple, for titanium back casings and that could be a possibility for the iPhone 13, but I highly doubt that.


Apple iPhone has a long history of basic refresh rate screens with no interest in increasing it. The newest leaks suggest a 120 Hz LTPO display for the iPhone 13 usually found on the Apple Watch 5 and 6. The biggest benefit that I can perceive is the battery life conservation while offering the best of both worlds for the user. The fluidity of a 120 Hz display is a lot better to navigate and makes the experience richer than ever. The always-on display is going to be a feature on the iPhone 13 that leverages the LTPO AMOLED display for implementation of the feature. Amoled displays, unlike the IPS LCD ones, can illuminate a tiny fragment on the display and conserve battery power along with it. Since iPhones have a reputation for smaller batteries, the always-on display feature will be limited to the likes of the Apple Watch 5 and 6. It will be customizable but not as extensively as you see on Xiaomi or Samsung phones. The basic layout will be a clock and the battery percentage icon, with tiny icons for incoming notifications. The battery capacity isn’t announced yet and there is nothing that cannot be added via a software update, provided the phone has competent hardware to support it.

MagSafe surely lured a lot of consumers into buying wireless charging accessories for the newest iPhone. The trend continues with the iPhone 13, which will feature a stronger magnetic coil as compared to the 15W charging coil on the iPhone 12. An increase in magnet size will help the strap-on accessories like the MagSafe wallet to stay in place and not fall off easily. Faster charging could be a possibility too, but considering the 5W charging adapter from the last year’s iPhone, I do not have high hopes for the wired charging.

Astrophotography is an inclination for the iPhone 13 with heavy software reliance to help capture photos of celestial objects. Smartphone cameras are not there yet, but with the combination of image processing technology and reducing the overall noise, you can take a clear shot of the moon. The astrophotography mode on the phone will be an automatic affair and will be invoked by registering the lighting conditions of the surroundings. The flaring up of bright light sources will be considerably reduced and will help you in capturing great stills.


The camera module on the iPhone 13, especially the telephoto lens, will be the highlight of the camera module. The lens isn’t increased in size but will feature more stability and low-light photography mode. Portrait video will be available on the iPhone 13 but only the basic layout and nothing too fancy to alter or manipulate by the users. Apple air tags are possibly going to launch side by side the iPhone 13 or the new iPad Pro, and I’m sure you have seen the same move by the Samsung Galaxy S21 release this year.

iPhones were never good at managing heat under loads, and with the newer bionic chips, the heat becomes unbearable despite the aggressive optimization done by the developers. Apple iPhone 13 can feature a vapor chamber cooling system to mitigate the heat and loss of performance by adding a combination of the copper heatsinks with water held inside it. Yay! Maybe intense gaming is a possibility on the newest iPhone. Samsung, Asus, and OnePlus smartphones have implemented many types of cooling solutions involving copper chambers, graphite chambers, and many more and Apple iPhone has finally decided to capitalize on the trend.

I hate the fact that Apple continues to exclude accessories with the iPhone. The speculations of the portless iPhone have been up since the launch of the iPhone 12 and the leaked prototype suggests a definite possibility of vanishing the only port on the iPhone. Love it or hate it, but MagSafe is designed to achieve the portless design and since it will be getting a power overhaul with the new iPhone, you may have to throw out your adapter for attaching accessories. iPhone didn’t have OTG support for long now, and getting rid of the charging port will bid adieu to that possibility.


In-screen Touch ID to accept fingerprint unlocking may come back to the iPhone 13 that was shunned after the release of face ID along the iPhone X. Optical fingerprint scanner is the viable choice but what will be the actual size of the sensor, is an unanswered question till now. Features like blood glucose monitoring, a 10-gigabit modem from Qualcomm, and a few other design choices such as a thinner notch, have been shelved to the year 2022.

The leaks so far surely promise one thing, that is a revamped iPhone internals with a new Apple Bionic, A15 possibly, and a lot of minor hardware improvements. I think a one terabyte iPhone 13 is definitely a conceivable feature addition.

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