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iPhone sheds a quintessential charging feature

If you’re waiting for your brand new iPhone to charge your handheld accessories with tiny batteries, then wait some more. A recent rumor reveals that the Apple iPhone 13 or the newest version of the iPhone will not have reversible wireless charging. It is a shocker since the iPhone has wireless charging support for a long now. Even with the release of the new Magsafe charging technology, Apple seems too far behind in building a stable reverse wireless charging mechanism. Samsung, Xiaomi, One Plus, etc, are some of the brands that support wired, wireless, and reverse wireless charging on their phones.


Apple was working on a Power Share rival application, that would allow users to charge the AirPods, Apple Watch, using the phone’s internal battery. It has shed its plans to build reverse charging mainly because Magsafe obstructs it from doing so. That’s like going the opposite way if you want to recharge an accessory at the same time. Apple is reportedly also working on proposing a portless iPhone that can take advantage of the MagSafe technology and get rid of the only opening present on the iPhone.

An additional Magsafe battery pack was in the works that would let you charge the iPhone or any accessory by merely slapping it at the back. The battery pack was unlike the power banks that may come with a wireless charging pad but do not attach themselves to the back of any phone. Apple’s obsession with Magsafe has yielded a concept of a battery backup device that is tiny and can attach itself to the back of any Apple device.

Apple will not be introducing the wireless Magsafe battery pack sometime soon because of the technical errors that persist in the software that administers the status of the battery pack. It reported the battery in overheating condition despite the temperature remained constant for a long time. It is something crucial that compelled Apple to drop the feature that could have been the headline-grabbing during the next release of the iPhone.


If you’re disappointed with Apple for not releasing the MagSafe battery pack, it’s not the first time Apple has canceled a seemingly futuristic product. If you can work your memory a little bit you can remember the exact same promises that were made by the brand when it announced AirPower. It was a wireless charging mat that could provide enough output to charge an iPhone and a few accessories simultaneously, by just placing them on top of it. It worked like any other wireless charging pad and had a dainty output of just 15 W, making it take a much longer time than a wired charger. It also overheated like crazy and was eventually discontinued before even making it past the R&D division.

Samsung must be enjoying witnessing Apple take back its statement, as it already provides Qi-based reverse wireless charging in its flagship smartphones and the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup. Apple needs to figure out a strategy to provide reversible wireless charging, as AirPods, even with the great battery life, are dead after a few hours.

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