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Published on March 4th, 2021 📆 | 6015 Views ⚑


Is Influencer marketing reaching its maturity?

Influencer marketing is one of the easiest ways to increase the visibility of your products. You connect with a popular public figure, explain your product, identify the userbase and then engage in marketing your product or service through them. The potential of influencer marketing is endless but some say that it is nearing its end. Is that true? Will influencer marketing become ineffective? No. Marketing trends evolve and merge together, but never vanish into oblivion. Influencer marketing is here to stay and expand beyond your wildest dreams.


Amid the pandemic, the only way if a marketing or launching new products was influencer marketing. Even with covid 19 restrictions, the marketing campaigns grew in number. It was only possible because the influencers could be briefed on a call and let them continue from there without providing any additional resources. Creating an influencer marketing campaign has never been easier, and it will spread beyond YouTube.

I’ll explain the importance of influencer marketing with an example. Let’s say a new skincare product is launched by a new brand. You see a few ads featuring good-looking models with alluring facial features. It will engage you for a second but will not compel you to buy the product. No matter how many times the advertisement assures its purity and harmless nature, people won’t believe that. Now consumers want to know about the nitty-gritty of a product before purchasing. They need users that have tried out the product and can be crystal clear about its benefits and if they should go for the product or not.

This is where influencer marketing campaigns come into play. Influencers will use the product and relay their experience to their userbase who can then decide to purchase the product. By bundling offers and discounts with each purchase, the product does better in sales compared to what it would do in a showcase in a cosmetics shop. Even if you don’t find a particular influencer credible, viewing not one but many opinions of different influencers will give you a rough idea about the effectiveness of the product. I hope you understand the importance of influencer marketing now.


If you want to trust the numbers, influencer marketing is on its way to becoming a 15 billion dollar industry. The goal is expected to be realized by the end of 2022, which is not very far from now. Brands are planning to increase their budget for influencer marketing, by multifold, as the results are more promising now. New platforms are also rising up to present a broader landscape to implement influencer marketing.

The marketing approach was limited to Facebook and Instagram for a few years. With the rise in popularity of social platforms such as TikTok, which was the highlight of the last year. It became so popular that applications like YouTube and Instagram started adding short video features, to combat the popularity of TikTok. Influencer marketing will not be limited to TikTok only but will spread to other platforms that have high video consumption demand. So it’s needless to worry about influencer marketing maturing anytime soon. It is here to stay for a long time, as long as the whole population doesn’t become a creator themselves.

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