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Published on February 22nd, 2021 📆 | 1585 Views ⚑


Kodi 19.0 Matrix: What’s changed?

Kodi 19.0 Matrix, the final version has arrived and it is by far the most impressive change in the media player so far. It does not entirely leave its grassroots but add a ton of improvements that are noticeable as you dive deep into the application. Kodi media player is currently available for Windows, iOS, OSX, tvOS, Android, Linux, Raspberry Pi, with the last one added recently. With its multifarious nature and adaptability to run on major operating systems, the Kodi media player is best suited for a smart TV. I’ll explain the major changes first that are visual and relatable to a normal media user.


Kodi 19.0 comes with a new Matrix-inspired visualization that is involved when you play a music file. Many improvements are done to the metadata related to the audio files such as library improvements, new and bold tags, new displays, and much more under the hood that doesn’t concern you. Video playback receives the same treatment but is more hardware-oriented rather than software. Users get HLG HDR and HDR 10 for windows device with compatible hardware, Dolby Vision HDR support for Android devices, and upgraded OpenGL bicubic scalers that make use of the hardware acceleration provided your device is capable of it.

Kodi media player’s initial skin options were pretty bland. The newer version brings in subtle changes to the GUI and buttons, that make it easy to maneuver around the application. A splash of minimalistic design changes can be found here and there but major changes are done to playlist views, newly added Now Playing view, and a few metadata display changes to the player.

Kodi media player addresses the subtitle color and transparency with this build. You can now set a dark grey color for the captions while settings the opacity for the captions. This will be helpful in reading the content while not appearing obtrusive and detached from the video.

Add-ons and Scrapers
Add-ons can trouble you with the Kodi 19.0 as the application finally drops the use of Python 2.7 for writing code for add-ons. Moving to version 3.0 of Python means updating the code of each add-on as those written in the older version of the language will be incompatible with the newest version of the media player. It is still a work in progress and apart from a few major and popular add-on, most of them seem to not work at all.

XML scrappers are dropped from this version 9f the build and will not be used in the future. The media player now uses Python scrappers for music, generic album scrapper, and generic artist scrapper.

PVR and live TV
The whole PVR interface has been revamped and now includes PVR reminders, home screen widgets, group/ channel manager enhancements with more focus on mimicking the satellite TV experience. You also get slightly better performance and a new set of improved APIs.


Kodi add-ons suffer from the problem of being vulnerable to attacks and replacement by third-party unauthorized add-ons. To tackle this, Kodi 19.0 prevents third parties from making changes to any add-ons other than its own. It also highlights the installed add-on in yellow if it is broken or depreciated, meaning a manual intervention is required to activate it again. Password protection for the web interface of the Kodi media player is activated by default now, so if any add-on tries to creep up in the back the web interface will still require your validation.

The Kodi 19.0 drops support for iOS 32 bit and now supports tvOS. TopShelf support and fixes on AppleTV, better logging, and notch support on iOS devices make navigation much easy on the new version.

These were a few noticeable changes that I observed in the Kodi media player 19.0. The update is rolling out to many platforms but you may not see the update as soon as you think. Give it a week before appropriate add-ons are available for installation for the newest version. Being an open-source software has its challenges so the roll-out might be delayed a little bit. For the Xbox version of the Kodi media player, the release has been pushed due to unknown circumstances. Kodi Matrix merch is also released with the new version that can be purchased to show your appreciation for the media player.

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