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Published on February 17th, 2021 📆 | 3408 Views ⚑


LastPass tightens reins on the free user

LastPass is arguably the best application for storing and managing your passwords. For users unfamiliar with LastPass, it is nothing but a master suite that harbors all your credentials that includes your usernames and passwords and encrypt them in the process. Rather than retyping the password for every different service, users are allocated a master password that can be used to login to their favorite websites with one click. It started out as a browser extension but has now evolved into an application for every major platform out there.


LastPass recently announced on its official blog that Last Pass will review its policies and implement some changes in the current ones. Starting on March 16, 2021, free users will have to choose any one platform for using LastPass. A free account on LastPass, even now, lets you save all your credentials across multiple platforms including computers and mobile devices. Free users have to either opt for a Windows or macOS free account or an Android OS or macOS one. Being confined to one platform is sad news for users that love LastPass and have their data stored on it for a long time.

The move is surely directed to force customers to go for a premium account rather than a free one. I hate that a company that conserved my passwords for so long is finally opting to slash users and restrict the usage of LastPass. You have to understand that the infrastructure behind LastPass is not a cheap one. They have managed to provide free services for almost a decade and it’s high time that free users add some contribution to the company.

Difference between a LastPass free account and a premium account

LastPass is popular because it doesn’t hold back on services even for free users. As a free user, you get features such as all-device access, encrypted password vault, auto-fill, password generator, security challenge, one-to-one password sharing, and many more. You still get the best possible security mechanisms and the reliability of never losing a password because it is saved on cloud storage rather than on a proprietary server.

A premium account of LastPass takes it up a notch by adding quirks such as one-to-many password sharing, 1 gigabyte of encrypted file storage, prioritized customer service with a prompt response and minimal delay, and emergency access that lets you add a nominee that can log in and help you in case you forget the magical combination to your password vault. Emergency access is seldom found in any of the competitors of LastPass making it a nonvulnerable password protection service.


If you don’t want to shell out the 33 USD price for a premium LastPass account there are two things you can do. One is creat9two different accounts for your different devices but I would advise against that, as it would create confusion of colossal levels. Second is you could continue using LastPass freely or use it for payment and other applications and use Chrome password manager in the browser to save all your passwords from favorite websites. Chrome browser also introduced a password checker that tests the strength of your existing passwords and generates strong passwords if you create a new account on a website.

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