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Published on February 2nd, 2015 📆 | 7053 Views ⚑

0 An Exploit Dev Swiss Army Knife

Good to see tools that focus on OS X. But comparing it to is a big stretch. This is a lightweight wrapper on lldb that also gives some crashwrangler-like capability and the ability to create/detect detect a metasploit pattern/offset. the tool is open source tool you can be develop and adding new things to it, tool has taken some of the stuff from and peda (linux),Of course it’s not strongly or possibilities as


Copy and .lldbinit to ~/ Use the following commands:

ant4g0nist$ cp ~/

ant4g0nist$ cp .lldbinit ~/.lldbinit

ant4g0nist$ lldb

(When a process crashes while debugging, run exploitable command to get the output)


Output Looks like:

is_exploitable = yes
Crash accessing invalid address.

alt tag

(As of now, commiting exploitable command. Have to test the remaining code.)



more info here

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