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Local company, Griffiss Institute offer virtual cyber security series

The Assured Information Security (AIS) company and the Griffiss Institute (GI) are teaming up to present a virtual educational lecture series on trending topics in cyber and information security, announced the two Griffiss park-based facilities. The idea for the series was developed by Rian Quinn, PhD, Chief Technology Officer at AIS, and Patrick Hurley, Principal Engineer at the GI. Quinn will kick off the series with his presentation titled “What is Retpoline?” on March 24 at 11 a.m. Registration for the event is open until March 23 at 12 noon. For a list of dates, topic descriptions and to register for the event, visit www.griffissinstitute.org/gi-lecture-education-series online. Each presentation in the series will be at 11 a.m. and be open to the public. The presentations will be conducted by AIS engineers and scientists who are working on cutting-edge research and development projects, the announcement said. The ideal audience includes those who are working or studying within the field of cyber and information security, it added. “Several engineers and scientists at AIS participate in a Technical Council, which works to support Internal Research and Development projects in a variety of ways,” said Quinn. “The GI Lecture Series is the perfect platform for our staff to share their research findings and expertise with the public.” A cyber and information security firm, AIS provides government and commercial customers with cyber security capabilities and services such as research, development, consulting, testing, forensics among others. The company is headquartered at 153 Brooks Road on the Griffiss Business and Technology Park. The Griffiss Institute (GI) was established in 2002, by the State of New York, to advocate and facilitate the co-operation of private industry, academia, and the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate (AFRL/RI), in developing solutions to critical cyber security problems. Another prime role is to build upon technologies under development at the AFRL/RI to further strengthen the nation’s security. It is located at 592 Hangar Road.
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