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Make a Computer Operating System

How to Make a Computer Operating System

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The SECRET Guide to Make a Computer Operating System,

This video teaches you how to plan and develop an operating system if you do not know how to code in C or C plus plus. Operating systems manage computer hardware and provide the resources that applications need to run. Writing an operating system from scratch requires a strong command of computer science a programming language like C or C plus plus assembly and code management practices. Take some basic Computer Science courses. Unlike developing for the web creating an operating system requires a strong understanding of algorithms data structures computer hardware and resource management. People get degrees in this stuff so do not expect to write an entire operating system after reading an online tutorial Harvards Intro to Computer Science course is available online through EDX at no cost.

Learn a high level programming language like Python. Once you have got a solid foundational understanding of computer science the next step is to master C and/or C plus plus. Like learning about computer science mastering a language is not optional you will not be able to code an operating system if you can not write solid applications.

Learn an assembly language. Assembly languages are low level languages designed to communicate with different processors. Since assembly is different for different processor types e.g. x86 assembly Language for Intel AMD VIA and other processors you will need to learn the version for the type of processor you are coding for.

Complete an operating system tutorial. OS tutorials will walk you through the process of creating a basic operating system. This gets you used to the process and helps you figure out if there are any pieces you are missing. Once you have completed a tutorial or two you will be well on your way to creating your very own operating system.

Figure out your operating system goals. What do you want your operating system to do? How should it look? Do you really need to write an entire operating system or are you just looking to create a certain look for your desktop? These are all things to consider before beginning to code.

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