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News Masse calls for Canadian probe of Capital One data breach

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Masse calls for Canadian probe of Capital One data breach

Brian Masse, MP for Windsor West, poses for a photo in Jackson Park on Friday, May 3, 2019, after announcing he will seek re-election for the seventh time.

Taylor Campbell / Windsor Star

Windsor West NDP MP Brian Masse has written a letter to the Privacy Commissioner of Canada asking for an independent investigation of the Capital One data breach that has potentially impacted as many as six million Canadians.

Masse, the innovation, science and economic development critic, asks that the inquiry be independent rather than relying on Capital One’s public disclosures.

Earlier this week, Capital One announced that a hacker had breached their cloud data systems and stolen personal information tied to around 100 million American customers, and six million Canadian customers.

Of the Canadian customers, roughly one million social insurance numbers were stolen.

The FBI has arrested Paige A. Thompson, who allegedly carried out the breach.

In Canada, both the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) have indicated that they’re looking at the incident.

Masse also calls for reforms to provide the agency with new powers to ensure adequate enforcement and equal treatment of Canadian victims compared to those in the U.S.

“Over the past few years there has been a litany of data breaches that have impacted Canadians,” Masse writes to Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien.

“The ones involving Yahoo, Marriott, the Desjardins Group and Facebook among many others revealed significant differences between regulatory actions in Canada and the U.S. as well as how victims are treated in each country.”

Masse goes on to say that the recent settlement in the U.S. with regards to the Equifax data breach is a case that brings the differences between the two countries into specific relief.

“Equifax agreed to pay at least $700 million to settle lawsuits in the breach in an agreement with U.S. federal authorities and states and includes up to $425 million in relief to consumers,” Masse writes.

“In April your office concluded that Equifax did not fulfil its obgligations to Canadians and entered into a compliance agreement with no fines or penalties and no compensation to Canadian victims.”

Masse goes on to call for reform of the powers of the privacy commissioner.

“I appreciate the work your office has done on several files and acknowledge that you have called for additional authorities in the past but the need for comprehensive review and necessary reforms is needed now more than ever with these data breaches becoming almost a routine occurrence putting Canadians’ financial and personal lives at risk,” Masse writes.

“Additionally, if the status quo remains Canadians will continue to be easy targets for criminal privacy breaches with little to no consequences.”

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