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Published on June 4th, 2020 📆 | 6403 Views ⚑


Massive Data Breach at ResetEra

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42 Responses to Massive Data Breach at ResetEra

  1. More like ResetError. Am I right!?

    I'll see myself out.

  2. Mad Lad says:

    Reset era is trash bless Sophia she deserves so much better for being a saint

  3. kite zzz says:

    revenge for persona

  4. Russophobia is leaving Putin and the government and becoming targeting Russians in general as a prejudice, as I predicted many years ago. Sad.

  5. Oggy says:

    Russians are now far right? LOL wut?

  6. Get what's coming to them, cant wait to see what lifeless losers mod/admin that site

  7. Should've leaked all their data and sell them to Russians for money

  8. Atreuso says:

    ResetEra: gets hacked
    Me: I don't even know who you are

  9. DHGMRZ17 says:

    Most companies are actually willing pay people for exposing things like this. Why? Because getting hacked is happens, it how you handle that makes the lasting impression.
    Not Resetera however! They just ban you and call you a troll. Even if the information being reported was accurate, how am I suppoe to take the official statement seriously either, when you are calling people who reported the issue to you trolls.

  10. arsetothem says:

    you know what, who ever hacked their site, please leak it, so everyone can see. let them regret it.

  11. Xie Priel says:

    Reset era" ahhh!! My life work now gone!!!!!
    Their parents" how about get a real job,have some real friends, not benchods and Chad's, read a book,go outside or maybe get your shit together and have a gf then maybe get married and have kids after that tell me if any what ya did mattered?.

    Reset era" you don't know how hard our community have done so much!! And you don't care!!
    Their parents" community huh? Since when does damaging people's careers and livelyhood became your work?, Let me ask you something about this Johnny when…was the last time you became a decent human being?.

    Me"when the boy and the girl👏 started clapping👏 their asscheeks to get the membership for that site 😂

  12. What even is resetera

  13. Jacob P. says:

    Watching then viciously tear and eat at the one person that warned them before it was too late is the most satisfying thing I've ever watched. You wasted your time Sophia lol.

  14. Good. These scum bags are trying to ruin Persona 5 Royale. I guess you could say ResetEra


  15. Hokata says:

    No clue what's ResetEra. Just came here to give Memelogy the view.

    If anyone can tell me what they are also that would be great.

  16. If any person in ResetEra got hit by a car on their way to the supermarket to buy more cheetos, absolutely nobody would miss them and there would be absolutely nothing of value lost.

  17. That was by far the worst official announcement from any company or group I've ever seen

  18. Any proof that the site has ped0s and dog f*ckers? Sounds hilarious! (Had to censor my words so my comment won't get removed and someone can give me a source) cheers.

  19. Well… clocks shotgun time to go on a crusade boyz!!

  20. Raddix says:

    So this is a cheap version of twitter. Got it.

  21. I think the world will be better off if reeeeeesetera would just get nuked from orbit. They do far more harm than good for the industry

  22. You reap what you sow.

  23. Wait people. Maybe the hacker can lock the owner out so he can do a perma shut down on the site

  24. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch.

  25. Pretty sure my pity well just ran dry.

  26. Clown of the day: resetera

  27. They’re trying to ruin gaming for everyone and change stuff that fits their agenda. Hell with P5R coming out this month, they already had them change that. So I’m glad that this happened. They deserved it and then some. Also find it funny that it’s one for them to release private info but it’s horrible when it’s done to them lol

  28. Tara Nolte says:

    Geese Howard fucking did it

  29. Fun Guy says:

    What is a resetera?

  30. They dare call me a russian asset? cyka blyat!

  31. I'm afraid to ask what Reset Era is, and smart enough to know I probably don't want to look it up lol. But I must know, what is it?

  32. The endgame cant arrive fast enough

  33. Now this. This is what happiness feels like. We need more flamer for this.

  34. Their response is perfectly valid. They claim that only some accounts were affected due to password reuse for other accounts with the same mail address. (thats why you should never reuse passwords, when one account gets leaked, they all do). Brute forcing works too for passwords like 12345 or password (so dont use those either). Banning hacked accounts is also a valid strategy to prevent abuse. Either way, the claim may still be a lie, but does not contradict itself as single accounts can be breached without exposing their entire user database to the public.

  35. What the fuck is a reset era?

  36. Reset era: it's not a data breach
    Also reset era: our data got hacked

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