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Published on June 11th, 2020 📆 | 2753 Views ⚑


MASSIVE Nintendo Data Breach | 160,000 Accounts Accessed | How to Secure Your Account

Nintendo recently had a massive data breach that resulted in 160,000 accounts being accessed with many credit cards being used. SECURE YOUR ACCOUNTS!
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24 Responses to MASSIVE Nintendo Data Breach | 160,000 Accounts Accessed | How to Secure Your Account

  1. Mine was hacked. I didn't have a card saved or paypal linked, so I'm ok.

  2. Yeah mine got hit, got the email saying there was an unusual login so i changed my password

  3. I have a felling that Tencent is hacking players for money. Gota feed the China.

  4. Bruno says:

    Know someone selling accounts with ccs for $4 its crazy

  5. ATibs23 says:

    Thanks for letting us know, Fanta. Already hate Nintendo and this makes my hatred intensify

  6. Arotu97 says:

    Hey the reason why i paid $600 for my nintendo switch is because it is a brand new pokemon edition and it came with an actual game instead of a download code

  7. crtclub30 says:

    I sure wasn't hacked double password aye

  8. thanks i think my acount was among those but im broke so there was not enough to buy any thing

  9. Makes me glad I don't have a Switch. Had eshop on the 3DS but never added a card.

  10. Ventrue says:

    Nintendo was hacked just for piracy/emulator development. This is something new.

  11. This is why you don't put you credit card on a game console. Always add the extra step of buying the cards.

  12. Some guy stole $10 from my account oh well

  13. I did it see this coming thanks for the information be safe everyone.

  14. PanicOak says:

    Even worse: The sticker app: “Quidd” was recently breached and 4 MILLION emails were pwned. The emails were sold on the dark web and someone released all of them.

  15. Miso Mama says:

    thanks for covering this. it forced me to go check up on my estore account that i havent used in ages. i had it for the 3ds consoles i bought. i thought nintendo was ending the estore for the 3DS consoles so i hadnt bothered following up. to my surprise the estore doesnt seem like its going away. now i want some new games. thanks you enabler..ahhha

  16. Psn Debacle was like 6 weeks "the dark Days"……

  17. If I just change my code and don't keep my credit card info in the switch am I safe

  18. Haha yes!!!! Fuck everyone and Nintendo 😂

  19. waltsoph3 says:

    One way to help make sure your credit card or paypal information isn't compromised on these virtual video game shops is to never use them on these sites to begin with.
    If your interested in buying digital games on these video game shops ( since sadly most of these you can't buy in physical copy of to begin with )
    such as the Nintendo eShop make sure you only pay for these games by using video game currency only. ( example eShop cards )
    Sure its a bit inconvenient since you have to go buy a prepaid card, but you don't have to worry about them getting any of your financial information from these sites.
    Also remember on the eShop you can even use the gold points to pay for games if you have enough points saved up.
    Hope this helps.

  20. J Regan says:

    Gamestop's online store had a few new Switch Lite bundled with Minecraft for 229.99 yesterday, which seems close enough to MSRP to me (some other bundles were atrocious though). Definitely better than paying some scalper almost twice that just for the system.

  21. John Lesly says:

    Only physical games for me!

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