Medical hack poses pacemaker risk – BBC News – Digitalmunition

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Published on May 30th, 2020 📆 | 3094 Views ⚑


Medical hack poses pacemaker risk – BBC News

Hackers from all over the world have descend on Las Vegas for two major security conferences.
BBC North America technology reporter Dave Lee met researcher Billy Rios who claims his company has uncovered a major vulnerability in a medical device that could have serious consequences.

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30 Responses to Medical hack poses pacemaker risk – BBC News

  1. GRATITUDE says:

    Omg you arr joking 😮😮

  2. Debra Awe says:

    sure let's just make it public without updating the software with a fix

  3. Mista Mase says:

    This is why blockchain based protocols are necessary for the medical industry

  4. This video…very nice.

  5. FUCK Mark Zuckerberg!

  6. Okay. As somebody who's been an IT professional for three decades, I can't even begin to decide where to start pointing out the holes in this story. But I think the "Die? Yes / Yes" dialog box, that somebody on your production team clearly made up from scratch, is a good start… and makes you not be the BBC anymore, by the way.

    Really guys?

    Seriously? Aren't we having enough of this kind of shit in the United States these days? We got to import it now to?

    Stop this. Pull this goddamn story down before I make your Ombudsman do it.

    You're one of the few remaining bastions of journalistic integrity left in the world, and this story wasted most of it.

  7. Chris D says:

    Holy firkin shmit!

  8. Don't worry they'd need a lot expensive equipment and a need to want to kill you.

  9. Aura says:

    Why woud hackers do this?

    But it's not them. Because they don't care about life.

    Also get a new comapy that cares about security and life.

  10. Kabbadii G says:

    But y make it public ..i'nt that like spoon feeding the ideas to 'criminals or terrorist..'?!😕
    There must some kind of legal ways to deal with the company n then make it public..

  11. Chsse Chen says:

    Fuck the company and hacker that is driven by greed for money .

  12. Chsse Chen says:

    Fuck the company and hacker that is driven by greed for money .

  13. R Ramsay says:

    Bit slow bbc, this been around for a good few years

  14. This is how it's done, pay attention class

  15. Emotionality: Oh. My. Goodness!!! We've listened over and over about financial breaches and ATM hacks and whatchamacallit but.. Now even life-controlling devices could be hacked?!? Holy Moly! Height of Hedonism and no patch..?!? Capitalist greed!!!!!!!!!

    Practicality: Ahhh… Yet-another hacking exploit. Doing ‘Homeland®’ S2, huh?!? As if we don't have enough on our plate already to hero imitating pop-culture…

  16. test it on darthCheney asap (Y)

  17. The thumbnail is too good

  18. eluv says:

    Time has come? For what? What gain do you get? If the manufacturer doesn’t patch, what value is there to release the bug? Self promotion? Publishing? You are possibly at liability if a harmful event occurs fully knowing what the consequences are of your “publication”.

  19. Really this is a win win scenario

  20. How can health professionals sit back and allow a szchophrenia weapon be used on a patient against his will.Its not a joke.The mans dad died at 51.You have no programme.The television industry has stolen a dead mans son.Vile poisonous and toxic.The BBC have created a vile psychologically.Mental health turned into a human competition.Dead at 51.The BBC and a family stole from a dead man his dons life his grandchildren.Dead at 51 of cancer so they To with television company to steal his dons life.Dead at 51.Your television industry is dead it stinks of corruption abuse exploitation.

  21. Lol the thumbnail reminds me of saw “live or die (inserts name here) choose”

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  23. [email protected],30PDT(-08,00GMT)
    An implantable medical device Is Not a laptop computer or a mobile phone that can be "updated" at the whim of the operating system's manufacturer.¹ The device in this report is in the USA's Food & Drug Administration's Highest Risk Category (Class III). A security patch is subject to all the vagaries of the FDA's Quality System Regulation Plus the regulations of the host country. Should a medical device manufacturer implement a cybersecurity code patch? Certainly, if there is a quantifiable risk to the patient above the risk of implementing the patch. This isn't 1960s South Viet Nam where you "Burn the Village to Save It."
    Before filing an update on this YouTube post, review the 2016 Manufacturers' Workshop PDF on this issue at:
    ¹) Those updates are terribly flawed, so much so that a Class Action lawsuit was filed in the USA against Microsoft by computer owners whose systems were "killed" by MS System Updates.

  24. HuKu TON says:

    Is that assembly language?

  25. Jaro says:

    The fact hes using metasploit and the you wanna die program is probably made in vbasic😂😂 what a noob hacker

  26. I'm here to know how Aiden Pearce Killed Lucky Quinn

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