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Meet Kim DelMonico the Attorney and Marketing Expert

Kim Delmonico, CEO + Founder,, is a dynamic creative leader with a natural talent for inspiring those around her just got started with internet marketing a few years ago. But already helping companies both large and SMEs find excitement and grow their businesses online. “Many SMEs struggle online because they don’t have access to professional digital marketing expertise. It’s my mission and vision to change that” she said.

Kim’s expertise is creating a powerful web presence and
overall digital content creation and management. In 2014, she founded, a Boutique Marketing Agency focused on Social Media Management,
Influencer Marketing, Live Immersive Events + Activations, Branding,
Website + Graphic Design. How she built and structured her team (and the
creative content they produce) stands as a model for other enterprise

After graduating with a degree in psychology from New York University,
the branding and marketing expert moved to University of Nevada- Las Vegas for
law school and then practiced for while at Nevada Supreme Court. And since then
she has worked for Remark Media in Las Vegas, where she was part of the team
that rebuilt She also
managed and and the Brazilian and
Chinese versions of

While working for Remark Media, Inc., a global media company
that owns and operates a portfolio of assets focused on the 18 to 34 year old
demographic across a variety of verticals including fashion, sports,
entertainment, health and wellness, personal finance, and informational
know-how. Kim DelMonica managed multiple domestic and international Social
Media Accounts on Platforms including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest,
YouTube, Snapchat, WeChat, Weibo, Youku, Tencent Weibo, Orkut See less.

Kim discovered that she had a knack for marketing and from
then on, she continued treading the marketing path and branching out to other
industries, approaching things with a direct response mentality. Her passion
for marketing and branding lead him to set up her own company, in 2014 when she
realized that there was a need for quality social media content for small

​She founded to design and build online marketing funnels that help SMEs automate their lead generation, close more sales through the internet, and grow their business online. They’re not your traditional Web Agency. Yes, they use all the ‘growth hacking’ tools like content marketing, SEO and PPC campaigns. But those are just tools. They help you dig deep, define your goals, and develop a plan to achieve them.

Since then he has contributed her expertise to help develop
and market billion dollar brand names. Get monthly access to Kim’s in-depth industry
know-how so you can create and implement a solid business strategy that
highlights your brand’s unique selling proposition in more ways than one before
launching your product.

Kim DelMonica is also a contributing writer for where she covers legal news,
new legislation and company news (such as mergers and acquisitions).

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