May 11, 2021


  • Emilio Hanselman posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Term Paper With an Introduction

    Term paper with an introduction makes an assignment look presentable. In fact the introduction is the most vital part of an assignment. No assignment can be written without it. The beginning of the assignment instils the first impression on the reader’s mind. So it should be strong enough to grasp the reader’s attention and immediately force him to read the entire essay at on go.

    While writing an essay it is not necessary to write the beginning first. Write the other parts of the essay. By then you would get an idea of where your essay is heading and then introduce the subject to the readers. Place this part in the beginning and your essay is ready. But many students are not comfortable with this approach. They feel that they would not be able to write an essay until and unless they prepare a set up of their essays.
    You must prepare an outline before beginning your essay. Read some examples on the website. In this outline write down all the points related to the topic that comes to your mind. Choose the most important point from this list of ideas and make it the thesis statement of your essay. You should never begin an essay with a very general statement. Instead use quotations, questions, any interesting fact, short narrative, paradox, or explanation of an idea to begin your essay. This ensures reader’s involvement since the very beginning.
    The beginning of your essay should be short and crisp. There is no necessity of overloading it with too much of details. You can leave the details for the discussion part of the essay.
    Some of the assignments would require you to write a separate title page. This would include information about your course, the name of your tutor, the date of submission and of course your name. If your tutor has asked you to make a separate title page then the beginning of your essay would appear in the second page of your assignment. Most of the times, especially when the length of the assignment is short then the tutors prefer the information that is normally given in the title page to be included in the upper left hand corner of the page in which you are writing the beginning of your essay. This means you get to introduce your essay somewhere in the middle of the first page of your assignment. You can either number this page or start numbering from the second page depending upon the instructions given by your tutor.
    Don’t write the thesis statement just at the beginning of the first paragraph. Put some background information to introduce it. So write it somewhere at the end of the first paragraph. If the essay is too long then you can even devote two paragraphs to introduce the topic to the readers.
    Term paper with an introduction gives a proper structure to your writing. So never write your assignment without this important part. An assignment without it is just like a man without his face.