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Microsoft Edge is now 2nd most popular desktop browser, beats Firefox

The Microsoft Edge browser is now being used by more people than Mozilla Firefox making it the 2nd most popular desktop browser.

While Google Chrome is still far greater than all the other browsers combined at 68.5% market share, for the first time the desktop version of Microsoft Edge has surpassed Mozilla Firefox in market share.

In March 2019, NetMarketShare records Mozilla Firefox’s popularity at 9.27%, but over the year the browser has slowly been losing market share as it reached 7.19% in March 2020.

Microsoft Edge, on the other hand, had a market share of 5.20% in March 2019 and finished off a 12-month run at 7.59%, 0.40% higher than Mozilla Firefox.

This brings the market share for the top 10 most popular desktop browsers at the end of March 2020 at:

Internet Explorer 115.60%
Sogou Explorer1.88%
UC Browser0.42%

Microsoft Edge’s lead is not large by any means, but it continues to show how Firefox loses ground as Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge increases in popularity.

With Microsoft Edge now being Chromium-based, it gains the advantage of being able to use all of the extensions available in the Chrome web store and also increases its compatibility and performance to the same level as Google Chrome.

As Windows 10 is running on a billion devices and the new Microsoft Edge to soon be pushed out to all of them via Windows Update, we should expect to see Edge continue to outstrip Firefox as it eats into Chrome’s market share.


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